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Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Fairies, and Kitties and Boo-boos... Oh My!!

I have be knitting up a storm lately in order to get holiday gifts out of the way. So far... none are done! *Hera help me* But I have several started... one crocheted blanket for my sister, one for Mom & Dad, and a knitted blanket for one of my nieces. I had this crazy fuckin' brilliant idea *HA! brilliant?? Is that another way of calling yourself CRAZY!!* to knit up all these different fairy dishcloth patterns and then stitch them together and make a blanket for my niece. She is very into fairies *just like her aunt*

Anyhoo... I made one square up and from there determined that I needed 48 squares to complete the blanket. 48 Freakin' squares!! What the fuck was I thinking?? I thought... no problem there's plenty of time! That was back at the beginning of October. Now we are in the middle of November and.... here are all the squares I have completed.

Yes, you counted correctly 5 with another on the needles right now! FUCK!! After calmly rethinking my plan *HA! I'm not sure I would know what calm looked like anymore!* I decided I will make one square in each of the 4 patterns in each of the 4 colors. Then jion those squares together as the center of the blanket and then crocket my ass off to complete the blanket around those squares... as if they were the center piece. *Erckle comes back to haunt me.... I meant to do that!*




Of course, as I am furiously knitting and crocketing away on all my holiday gifts.... wouldn't you know it!

My yarn holding finger starts bothering me. It's been bothering me on and off for about a month now, but I think nothing of it till Monday morning. When I woke up my finger was swollen enough that I couldn't get my ring on! That's when I knew it was time to call the doctor. So I did and had an appointment Tuesday morning. I was pricked, prodded, poked and X-rayed. Good news is it's not broken, bad news is it might be arthritis. *I would have preferred it to be broken cause at least that heals and goes away!* So as we wait on the blood results to come back I have to wear the finger brace, use ice and take anti-inflamitories.

So what did I do last night after work.... I went to Curves and did my workout, went home and showered, ate dinner, iced my finger, .... and knit for about two hours *laugh* I have to get these gifts done!

As I sat on the couch knitting away, Frisco curled up in his usual spot behind me and kept me company.

frisco1 copy




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PHD Knitter said...

Oh no! Sorry to hear about your finger :( Isn't funny how we ignore the obvious b/c we don't want to stop. My left hand (specifically my index finger) has been killing me lately and I've been trying to take days off, but then I go and knit all day long and screw it all up again! Anyway, hope it gets better soon and good luck with all your gifts! You're way ahead of me!