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Monday, April 7, 2008

Wet Your Lips and Make Love to the Camera!

Who rememebers this?

Work it Girl!!

Well that is exactly what me and several members of my S'nB group did early Saturday morning! *yes, 10AM IS early for some of us*

There is a local couple that wrote a book on knitting groups and apparently found our group listed on Meetup! The husband came by last Wednesday night to talk to us and tell us about their project. While he was there he took some close-up shots.... of the knitting or course! You think any woman is going to be photographed for a book without prior notice! *giggle* He asked if memebers of our group would be willing to meet early Saturday morning for a photo op. About 10 of us showed up Saturday morning - all wearing a hand knitted item of some sort, of course. It was a hoot!

We took some picture down by the lake, under a gazeboo, at the outside tables of a resturant and another by the blooming daffodils. Poor Denise though, she got yelled at for taking her hands off her knitting. *giggle* We'd be talking and laughing while the guy was taking pictures and then Denise would get into a story and she talks with her hands, so when she getting animated her hands would come into play. Then someone would say "Hands on your knitting!"

We laughed about fake knitting *I think we all had to tink back whatever we were working on in those photos cause you really couldn't watch what you were doing*, modeling jokes *Denise I have your vasaline for you!* and of course it was a tad chilly so there was the nipply factor *PhdKnitting fix that scarf!* All in all, we laughed, even when we weren't told to!

We did come to find out that one of these photos is going to be the book cover! How exciting!! We might all be getting a complimentary copy when it's finally published too! Even better.

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