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Thursday, September 11, 2008

Speaking of Christmas in July

OK, so I missed July and skipped straight through to September *grin* I thought it was time to start organizing my projects for Christmas gifts. This year Christmas will be in New York at my folks house, so I have a few extra little gifts I'll need to make for people. My baby sister is also pregnant and due sometime around Thanksgiving. So, here is my attempt at getting organized *yeah, I know, scary isn't*

To Knit/Crochet Holiday List

September: Christening gown for my sister's Baby Shower - by September 26th - Started!

  • Mr. X - not a freakin' clue
  • Baby M: Elijah
  • Mom: Cardigan - Noro SG yarn in stash - casted on
  • Dad: Vest - Peruvian Alpaca yarn in stash - swatched
  • Sister M: - Waves Scarf (Ravelry link)- Completed!!
  • BIL M: Felted Clogs (Ravelry link) - Paton's Classic Wool yarn in stash
  • Niece G: Gentle Waves Round Ripple afghan (Ravelry link) - Red Heart Soft - started
  • Niece J: Holey Moley - Prism yarn in stash
  • Sister S: Felted Clogs - Cascade 220 yarn in stash
  • BIL E: Felted Clogs - Paton's Classic Wool yarn in stash
  • Baby: Cardigan or sweater
  • Cousin C: Soft Waves afghan - Bernat So Soft yarn (blues) in stash
  • Zia & Zio M: Ripple afghan - Bernat So Soft yarn in stash
  • Cousin F: Scarf & hat set - yarn from stash
  • Cousin C: Scarf & hat set - yarn from stash
  • C's Hubby: not a freakin' clue!
  • Mr. X: not a freakin' clue!
  • Baby M: Baby Surprise Jacket - pink yarn in stash

See a stash busting trend in that list? *grin* So now the real question becomes can I get this all accomplished before Christmas Eve??


ellen said...

Aren't you afraid that your family will read your blog and no longer be surprised?

I hope you have no plans from now to about December 24th, including sleep. That is quite a to do list!!!!!

Pheelya said...

You say blog to anyone in my family and htey would just think you said blob and wonder what the hell I was talking about :)

MLJ1954 said...

You are very "energetic" in your goals. Of course, you can get it done.

Have a great day.

Mary Lynn

Suzanne said...

You can do it! use all that stash yarn so we can go on a spree after the New Year! :)

textillian said...

So, exactly when will you be sleeping?

Pheelya said...

I'll be sleeping after Christmas :)

FugueStateKnits said...

You should see the world's fastest knitter on the knitpick's YouTube video - hilarious! Cannot wait to see picks of the christening gown! I bet it will be beautiful!
Lace? What yarn are you using?
Inquiring minds want to know !!!
PS If I missed a blog post about it, sorry!!!!