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Sunday, February 7, 2010

Holy Snow Batman!!

So, here I am walled up in my house behind some 30+" of snow. Sorry I have no yard stick to throw in the snow outside my house to measure, I'm just going by the snow totals that were announced last time I watch TV (the official measure was 33.8").

What? Did Mother Nature just wake up and realize that she had missed out on giving us our fair share of snow over the last few years and decided to make up for all in 1 winter season?? Just before Christmas we received 22-26", 2 other snowfalls in January that probably together totalled around 6" - 8" then yesterdays snow dump of 30+" and as if that wasn't bad enough we have anther storm system with snow heading our way for Tuesday & Wednesday!!

Back in Feb. '03 we got around 24" and schools were out for a week. At the amount we have now and the rate Mother Nature is dumping this stuff on out we'll be out till Easter and the kids will be in till July 4th!! Of course, when states get this amount of snow they usually claim themselves under a "State of Emergency" and when that happens school systems can appeal to to State Dept of Education to waiver the cancelled school days affected while under it. The state can, of course, deny the appeal. Of course both this and the December blizzard both came in on the weekend so I have no idea if that makes a different of not.

Anyhoo, I'm just sitting at home entertaining myself with my knitting and sewing as I wait. I wait on the guy that I called on Thursday to hire to come over and shovel me out that is. I have herniated disks in my lower back and my neck and I'm not suppose to shovel this amount of snow. The last snow we had was a good 5-6" of a the heavy snow and I cleared my driveway and walk to my front door and just in that amount I felt in my back and neck for several days after that. I really did try to obied by both the doctor's and the physical therapist's order not to. I wait till 3pm to see if a neighborhood kid would knock on my door looking to make some money. When 3PM came around and no one came a knocking, I had to do it. As much as I would have loved to have Frisco go out and shovel for me, I don't think that was happening.

Anyway, for those of you not in the DC/Baltimore/Philly area and not affected by this "Winter Powerhouse" as the weather channel has dubbed it here are some picture from my front and back doors...

This was what greeted my yesterday as soon as I opened the front door...

This it the view looking straight out. I swear to you there's suppose to be a road under all that snow there. I wouldn't lie! If I just crop out that "For Sale" sign this would be a beautiful scenery. "Pretty but Deadly"



Now out the back door...

I sent these photos to my folks in Florida. My mom really thought that was Frisco sitting outside on the railing! I laughed so hard!



Anonymous said...

Have you seen this page that tracks the Howard County snow plows: http://snow2.co.ho.md.us/Index.asp ? They salted our street Friday evening. I suspect they won't be back for days. . .


Kozy Kitty said...

Hey--We got out and went to the Caps game today. MoCo streets are way worse than ours. Wisconsin Ave. in Bethesda showed no pavement. It was insane. I suspect we'll be out all week -- especially since they are now calling for another 6 - 12 inches on Tuesday night!