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Wednesday, January 2, 2008

All the Little Girls with the Crimson Lips Go,

Cleveland Rocks, Cleveland Rocks!

OK, so y'all know that I spend New Year's Eve in Cleveland. It was a last minute invite from a friend's girlfriend and since I had no real plans for that night....


So, Sunday I left my house and my friend Erika left her house in WV and we both headed north. Sunday night we ended up playing Turbo Cranium. Oh my! We had a blast!! That's Erica doing some of the "Star Performer" cards. Believe it or not.... there was no alcohol involved!

Playing Cranium

New Year's Eve we went to this place called Howl at the Moon. What an awesome place!! It's a dueling piano bar. They had two grand pianos and a drum set on the stage and three guys that played on a rotating basis. The audience suggested the song with a minimum $2 tip, but these guys were getting $5, beers and shots for song suggestions. At one point in the night someone made a suggestion for "Hang on Snoopy" because apparently that is the OSU fight song. After a few bars, another guy went up to the pianos and requested they kill that song and play the Michigan University fight song.

the piano player "I'm sorry folks, this song has just been interrupted because this guy just paid $20 to stop playing this and play the MU fight song!"

heehee... talk about a guy teasing his audience and trying to get more $$!

This went back and forth till the Michigan guy paid $85 for their song!! I couldn't believe it, THAT's when you know you've had way too many beers *grin*

At one point during the night the piano players called some of the ladies to the stage and played the song Baby Got Back by Sir Mix-a-Lot.

Oh my God Becky....Look at her butt....It is so big....

Let me tell you, NONE of the girls that went up on to the stage had any junk in their trucks! Not a one! I turned to the group and asked them if they thought any of these girls even UNDERSTOOD what this song is about!

Now, I bet you never thought I would put my butt out there for everyone to see, but

Baby Got Back!


*thank goodness my folks don't read my blog or I'd have to hear all about how "good girls don't do that" - yeah, it took two years of therapy for me to realize is had an inner battle of Good Girl/Bad Girl raging inside me..... Bad Girl tends to win alot *giggle*

We got those bumper stickers from the bar. We also got these buttons too!


The piano players brought one of their bartenders on stage and changed the words from Doe Re Me to Tony, the guy who drinks the beer. Tony had a very special way of drinking a beer. You'll have to excuse to blurry pic as this came from my phone. None of us brought a camera to the bar cause we didn't know what kind of place it was and we didn't want to risk losing our cameras. Now I know for next time, that I can bring my camera!

Here's Tony! Tony, the guy who drinks the beer! Egging the crowd on to chant for him :) See those bulges in his pockets *no, not THAT bulge - you pervs!* He came on stage with a beer bottle in three different pockets and one in his hand.

Tony the guy who drinks the beer!

Tony's special drinking trick.... a bendy straw!! So what does he do you ask... He puts the bendy straw into the bottle then wraps his mouth around the opening leaving the straw outside his mouth to let the air go in by passing the glugg-glugg when chugging a beer and pretty much downed the bottle in 2 seconds. *no, I didn't exactly time him, but it was fact!* And just incase you missed it the first time, he did it three more times this round!

Later on in the night he was called up to the stage a second time, but only did 2 beers this time. The dude next to him, I guess was trying to show off, but his little cup of beer didn't impress us that much. That was also the guy that paid $85 to hear the Michigan fight song.


Now, when you are dealing with a room full of drinking people on New Years Eve, they really should have had a disclaimer before this stunt was performed... like... Kids, Do Not Try This at Home!

Yeah, you guessed it! This drunken fool silly girl just had to try this when we got back home. Of course, the druken fools friends I was with didn't try to stop me. Oh no!! They encourage this crazy act! Even scrounge around their kitchen because they were sure they had bendy straws!


So, what did I learn?

One: Never try this with a beer you have never tasted before, because if the beer tastes nasty *like this shit "Fat Squirrel". Who the hell names a beer Fat Squirrel??* you end up gagging anyway.

Two: Never listen to drunk friends!

Three: I need more practice.


You would think that we would have stopped there.... Oh no. We had bought some liquer earlier that day since we didn't know for sure if we would be able to get into Howl at the Moon or not. I purchased a bottle of Pomagranite liquer that had a recipe on it for Pamatinis. So I bought everything that was on their recipe and made some that night. I don't know where they got their drink recipe from but this shit tasted like lighter fluid! You would think that when one person gags and claims a drink is horrible that your friends would listen to you and not try it.... oh no... I passed the glass to the next person and said "here, try!" and they did!

Hence I repeat thing number two that I learned "Two: Never listen to drunk friends!"

Then we moved on to try this stuff.


Did you read the bottle? "A Sensuous Fusion of Utlra Premium French Vodka & Provence Blood Orange Mingling with Mango & Passion Fruit" Sounds good doesn't it. Well, it sounded like a good idea to all of us too. Now does anyone wanna try and guess as to what this stuff really tasted like?? GRAPEFRUIT! Grapefruit and vodka is what this tasted like! I've had Mangos before and they do not taste like grapefruit!

Again, if someone gags that a drink tastes horrible, would YOU try it after a friend?? Yup, my friends did....

Hence I repeat again what I learned "Two: Never listen to drunk friends!"

All-in-all it was a very fun night. We could have done without the lighter fluid drinks, but live and learn. New Years Day we went to Cracker Barrel for brunch and then I had to drive home in this:

Driving home

Getting out of Cleveland wasn't too bad. The storm was definitely worse when I drove through upper PA. Of course the whole time I was driving through this storm I kept telling to go to Maryland. I was not ready to do back to school today, but alas, neither Mr. Snow nor Mother Nature was listening to my suggestion.

And that was my last minute New Year's Eve adventure!

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