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Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Yes, I am a Yarn Addict....


Trying to explain that to a non-yarn addict is a real problem *like explaining any other type addiction is any easier* As you all know, I was in Philadephia last weekend and my first priority was finding all the yarn shops that were within a 10-15 minute drive from my hotel! Yes, I did look up the yarn shops BEFORE I checked out how far the hotel was from the Conference Center. I have my priorities! *a bit skewed, but hey* Oh, the conference center was right across the street and one block up from the hotel! Could I have gotten any more lucky!

Being a tactile type person is great for dealing with kids and human beans, but it can be a real problem when it comes to yarn! If anyone has a 12-step program for crazy people like us, please share!


So, I got into Philly around 8pm, checked into my hotel and then head over to the conference center because I had a meeting from 8-10pm. Of course the information booklet that I had did not have the room information for these meetings. On the walk over I called our organization president to let her know that I had just gotten in and was on my way to the meeting.

me: Hi, I just got in.

her: me to, I just got back from walking the exhibition hall and just got into my pj's.

me: oh! You're not going to tonight's meeting?

her: what meeting? Jay didn't tell me about any meeting tonight. I was told about tomorrows discussion group at 10:30AM.

me: What discussion group tomorrow morning?? *panic sets in.... a Saturday meeting? We never had a Saturday meeting before! I planned my yarn shop hopping for Saturday!!!!*

her: Jay didn't tell me about any meeting for tonight, just about the discussion group tomorrow from 10:30am - 12:00pm.

me: What discussion group tomorrow morning?? *can you tell I was having trouble processing the fact that my yarn excursion was being shortened*

She laughs, she apparenlty thought I was joking.... I wasn't!!!

her: So what time are you going to be there tomorrow?

me: I guess I'll be there at 10:30 *well, ok, it'll be over at 12, I probably wouldn't have gotten up till about 10 anyway, so I guess I could adjust my fix yarn shopping times*

Then I get to the convention center....and the doors are locked! Great! I pull out my information booklet and sure as shit it says there suppose to be an 8pm meeting on Friday. OK, I give up! I got back to my hotel room, order some pizza and KNIT! *till 2 in the morning cause I never sleep well when I'm not in my bed or in Mr. X's, but we won't go there right now*


Went to meeting at 10:30AM. Afterwards, I felt compelled to take a tour of the exhibit hall. *yeah, that lasted all of 30 minutes* Had lunch, went back to the hotel to get the directions to the yarn shops and I was off!

First stop was Sophie's Yarns. errrr... that was suppose to be the first stop. Did you know that if you put in the wrong address on mapquest you end up in the wrong place! No really! If you don't put in the right street address you end up in the wrong place. Go figure! I drove around and around the blocks because I could not find Sophie's Yarns at 1713 S. 4th Street! And when I say around the block, I mean just that since Philly has shitloads of oneway streets! After a few times around, I gave up and went to Jane's Yarn Shoppe. That was not any better! By the time I got there is 4:55PM and the shoppe closed at 5pm!

Get the feeling that the Gods were not on my side??

I took a look at the maps and headed off to Loop. After all, isn't the saying, Third times a charm? Well it was! And oh what a charm it was! Adorable cozy little shop. Nice selection of yarn and warm people running the shop. Thank goodness or I was really going to think that someone up there was out to make my trip miserable!

Look at the goodies I bought! On the left are 4 skeins of Sublime cashmere-merino-silk dk. *Niiiiiiiiice* As I continued to look around I heard this "psst, psst look at me" off to my left. Honest, I did! *my therapist says those voice I hear are ok as long as they aren't tell me to harm anyone!* What do my eyes see when I looked.... the most gorgeous blue yarn I have seen in a long time.

BEELINE! *tripping over something that was on the floor, but refused to take my eyes off the yarn for fear of it disappearing if I looked away*

Misti Alpaca 100% Baby Alpaca! Talk about OH-SO-SOFT-AND-SQUISHY! I have never felt a squishier yarn! The pictures really does not do the color of this yarn any justice. I will try and get a good picture of it outside tomorrow. There was only 1 skein of this color in the shop, so I just HAD to have it! I'm think of using this for the Hannah hat.

Lastly, I came across some Blue Sky Suri Merino. Can I just say......Orgasmic! *ok, not THAT good, but pretty fuckin' close!* I don't think I have felt any like this yarn before. It just feels... luscious!! There was no putting this yarn down one it was in my hands. I soooooooooooooo cannot wait to knit with it, I just need to find the right pattern!

And look at that cute bag it all came in!

From Loop


Now, in my searchs for yarn shops in Philly, I had read somewhere how Sophie's was THE shop to visit. So, before I checked out of my hotel and headed to my Sunday morning meeting. Yes, you read that right, a Sunday morning conference meeting, at 8AM no less! I don't even get up that early for church when I'm home! When I realized yesterday that I had obviously had the wrong address for that shop on Saturday, I looked it back up and decided I would stop there on my way out of town.

It was a nice shop, but not "The" shop that was raved about. It was almost ALL Cascade yarns. Not that there is anything wrong with Cascade considering that I bought some gorgeous Cascade Venezia yarn there. There just wasn't a whole lot of different brands. I did get to touch and feel and squish lots of different Cascade yarns that I have not seen in other shops. The silky sheen of the Venezia just suckered me on. I bought 3 balls of the bulky and 2 skeins of the worsted. Look at color of that worsted!! A beautiful Forest Green. I bought with the intention of making a gift for someone else, but the more I look at that yarn, the more I'm falling in love with that color! I might not be able to give that one away after all!

While I was in the shop looking around, a woman started talking to me. About 2 minutes in to conversation she asked "Librarian?" *ACK! Panic attack!! Do I look like a typical librarian?? Did I look frumpy?? Did I have a pen sticking out of my hair? I almost went to check when I remembered I was wear my hair loose. My friend Marcia and I made a pact in graduate school that we would never turn into a frumpy librarian that had no sense of style*

"Um, yes. what gave it away?" *hold breath*

her: "Oh cause you said at the yarn shops back home, and I'm here for the conference too"

*exhale.... ok, I'm safe.... I think* Then she told me about the shops that she went to while she was in town. *laugh*

From Sohpie's Yarns

Oh, remember that 8am Sunday meeting I was bitchin' telling you about? Well, I had almost finished my first cup of coffee when I felt myself nodding off and decided I had better go get more coffee. So I got up, and as I was trying to walk away, my purse handle reached out and grabbed my foot *I swear I saw it moving!* and wouldn't let go.

You are already laughing aren't you. You can already see where this story is going. Go ahead, laugh it up! All I can say is thank goodness no one was sitting in the chair that caught the coffee that was left in my cup AND that I didn't break any bones!

Once I untangled myself from my purse I quietly crawled out to the hallway and refilled my coffee, twice, before going back compossing myself as if it wasn't me that just lost a fight with her purse.

And that was my weekend - at least the more exciting parts of it :)


Kozy Kitty said...

I love the Sublime yarn. I have that same yarn in 2 colors to make Matilda Jane from Ysolda!

PHD Knitter said...

Ditto on the Sublime! I'm wearing Odessa made out of that same yarn at this very moment and it is delicious!

Valerie said...

Misti Alpaca is my most favorite yarn in the whole wide world. I swear that it came straight from heaven. -=giggle=-

Glad to hear you had a nice time and that you got to go on your yarn store visits!

By the way, you have purse straps... I have walls that jump out in front of me. -=giggle=-

PĂ©itseoga said...

sublime is brilliant, so soft and shiny! haven't seen misti, but i live in ireland, where there's not so much choice.