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Sunday, February 24, 2008

Waves Scarf is FINALLY Finished!!

Finally!! This scarf/shawl was started back in December and was put on hold because the pattern called for 6 skeins of yarn, but after checking around on Ravelry 6 skeins wasn't nearly enough!! I ordered more yarn and ended up using 10 skeins!! Then I had to frog back 20 some odd rows because I miscrossed a cable! But it's finally finished and I couldn't be happier if I didn't have to knit 2x2 ribbing again for quite a while! *grin* I love the final results, but I don't think I'll be fooling around with 24 stitch cables anytime soon :) I think my sister is going to love it. It is one HEAVY shawl though! The shawl is blocking nicely on my dining room table as you can see :)

Wave Scarf
Pattern: Waves Scarf
Yarn: Cadena from Knit Picks
Knit Picks Options size 9
Notes: pattern calls for 6 skeins, but I ended up using 10! Check around on
Ravelry before making for yourself to make sure you get enough yarn.


Knitty McKnitKnit said...

Good grief! That is beautiful. What a great job - I can't stop staring at it!!!

Kozy Kitty said...

That really turned out nice! You probably never want to put your hands on another cable needle after that!!

Valerie said...

Holy Jesus, that's gorgeous!! Bravo!!

Liz said...

Oh, I LOVE it, it is so beautiful! Lucky sister to get it and to have such a clever sister as you! Well done.

Denise said...

wow this is beautiful!