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Saturday, November 8, 2008

Back from Chicago!

I am back from Chicago, and missing them both so very much already. I was able to visit with Baby M several times while I was out there. She was a hoot to watch and play with! She took a few minutes to warm up to the crazy lady that was in Daddy's house, but a few short smiles later and she warmed up to me. She is such a happy, playful baby! And he is so good with her. I mean, do you know of any man that would stick a baby bottle nipple on his forehead just to get a laugh out of his child? (third picture in the top row)

Mr. X & Baby M

This was her first Halloween so Mr. X carved a pumpkin that she had picked out the weekend before when he took her to a pumpkin patch. She was so curious about the jack-o-lantern. It was so cute watching her be curious about it. When she was getting excited she would lean on the pumpkin and wiggle back and forth on her toes.

She seems to have this thing for climbing up and down the stairs. She just finds them so entertaining, though she nearly gave me a heart attack because there were several times she tried to climb down the stairs instead of crawling down backwards! I thought she was going to go tumbling head first. She's also learned to clap so all you have to do is smile and start clapping and she returns the favor. Anyhoo, I could go on and on about how cute she is.

There was a point in the weekend where I thought things might go a little more along the lines that I am hoping. In all the time that we've been together Mr. X had never cuddled up to me in his sleep. It's usually the other way around, but Friday night he reached for me and pulled me closer to him while he was sleeping. It was so out of the ordinary that it startled me awake. I thought this was a good sign, so I just snuggled closer and went back to sleep. Saturday morning we did some talking and well that thought was blown clear out of the water. I would have thought that things would have gotten a little better after all this time. *God sure is having a good laugh at my expense*

Saturday we did a little shopping. I dragged him kicking and screaming to a yarn shop. OK, so he wasn't really kicking and screaming. Actually he was pretty good and he picked out a skein of Debbie Bliss Baby Cashmerino in a pretty fuschia color for Baby M. Now I just need to find a pretty hat pattern for it. Afterwards we went to Michaels to find a box of Precious Hands. We went looking for this on my last visit, but they were all sold out. I had made two of these for my older sister - one for each niece. I think it's a neat way to rememeber just how small the cherubs were, especially when they start driving you nuts asking for the car or sneaking out of the house *grin* That reminds me, I need to pick up another one for when my baby sister has her little one :)

After Micheals we swung by Joann's to see if I could find a button for the Neckdown Bolero jacket I was knitting for Baby M. I didn't find one. I found these four and I cannot decide which one I like best. I think I'm leaning toward the Beatrix Potter ones. What do you think?


Speaking of the bolero, I did not get to finish it on my trip. Turns out I had more fun playing with Baby M :) I did get to try it on her when I was at this point:


Just a tad bigger then she is now, but she should still be able to wear it. I managed to finish one whole sleeve before I left. I did, however, manage to finish this hat for Baby M before I left. Of course, Mr. X just had to try it on - oh I so wish I had my camera out when he did! He looked like such a Dork! *laugh*


The highlight of my whole weekend was right here:

Me & Baby M


Kozy Kitty said...

She is so cute! I just got a new book of baby hats called Scrumptious Toppers by Debbie Ware. She's the one who designs all those cute colorful hat kits that look like cupcakes etc. Let me know if you want to check it out!

Denise said...

The pink flower buttons are my fav'rite. She sure is a cutie :)

Anonymous said...

Thank you for the update. Baby M is adorable, and your knitting is awesome, as usual! I think I prefer the Beatrix Potter buttons, but I'm not sure how well I'm doing in attempting to picture each type of button on the bolero.
- 2Knitor2Crochet

Theresa said...

She is adorable! What a great picture of her napping on you. Awwww!

Suzanne said...

My fave pic of course is you and the little munchkin asleep in your arms. Aw, you look great together. :)