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Friday, November 21, 2008


In honor of my achieveing National Board Certification I think a contest is in order!!

Leave a comment about a teacher who affected you positively and if you are a teacher you can choose that or to leave a funny teaching story :)

Mention the contest and your blog - let me know that in your post as well, and you will be entered into the number pot 2X!!

Contest will close at 8pm on Sunday :)


katimae said...

oh wow, a teacher who affected me in a positive way, I could say there were two. Title and Nybo, both instructors of mine in college. Title, an english instructor, took so much time to help me truly understand the things I didn't get (so many of it I didn't learn in high school). To this day we keep in contact and he helps to push me to do things that I dont think I can do (and I really can! - he helped me get published for the first time!). Nybo! He was my first web instructor, then head of the dept and someday dean. He took me under his wing and helped me to fly, encouraged me to grow in ways I never had thought! He even helped me to become his teacher's assistant. It was because of those two and well, almost every instructor I had in college (I went to a small art school) that made me decide that in this near future I will be going back to school to get my masters so that in time I can teach along side of them. They are with me along the way! Not only as instructors, but as friends.

I'll be sure to post this on my blog

Heather said...

Congrats on the NB certification! What a great accomplishment!!!

A teacher who had a positive influence on me (and probably the reason I'm a teacher today) was Mrs. Picciolo - my HS Spanish teacher. I had two years worth of classes with her, and loved her patience and caring attitude. I wish I had run across teachers like her more often in my school career! I try to be like her as much as I can - showing my students I care and coming up with interesting ways to learn the stuff they gotta learn anyway!


G said...

Congratulations on being certified! That's wonderful!

I've been so lucky to have wonderful teachers. Mr Ansell, my chemistry teacher, was one of the wisest people I know. He taught me lots about chemistry, but even more about life and being a good person. I still quote him to this day. Miss Hooley, my gym teacher for my last two years of high school, was so kind. She went out of her way to make me feel good about my body after 5 years of gym teachers telling me that I was worthless. And Dr Abondolo, my college tutor, was the person to teach me that at some point you stop being a student and start being an adult and a peer. He inspired me to get involved in academia, and I am privileged to now call him my colleague instead of my teacher.

Thank you for asking this, it's made me happy thinking about some great people!

MORGAN said...

it might be difficult to enter a belgian woman in the contest, but your question did raise some nice memories, so here it goes:

my Latin teacher saved my life - I was ready to kill myself, being in a very strict and horrible nuns' boarding school, she even took me into her house once when things were very bad, and she talked to me every day, making sure I was hanging in there...
I owe her a lot, I miss her a lot...

another great teacher, in primary school, is now my daughter's headmistress, so nice to see her again so often...

I will mention the contest on my blog, but really you don't need to enter my name if Belgium is not possible for you ;)

ikkinlala said...

I've been lucky enough to have had quite a few good teachers, especially since I've gotten to university. One that stands out right now (because I've been working on an essay today) is Mr. S, one of my high school English teachers. He put extra time and effort into making sure I was learning something when I already knew the stuff he was supposed to be teaching, and he managed to do so without making me feel like he was being unfair to me the way a lot of other teachers did - he would suggest extra projects and lend me books he thought I'd like, but he graded me according to the same standards as the rest of the class and was discreet enough about the extra attention that my classmates didn't seem to notice it. His detailed comments on the essays I wrote then have made me a better writer since, which has been very helpful in university.