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Monday, December 15, 2008

Holiday stuff

The first snow of the season!! Doesn't it look pretty.Last Friday evening it snowed and this is what my yard looked like Saturday morning :)

1st snow

On Tuesday, Frisco's Christmas gift was delivered. What is it with cats and cardboard boxes? He just has to check it out.




Frisco is getting a bathroom upgrade for his Christmas present. :)

Frisco's Christmas Gift

Wednesday night was my knitting groups 2nd annual Cookie Swap! We each had to bring 7 dozen cookies because there was suppose to be something like 35 people there. I have no idea if 35 people were there or not, but it was a good time and I came home with some great cookies. I have been so good too! I haven't eatten any of the cookies yet! I'm being a tad lazy this year, since I'm not going to be here for Christmas. I'm taking most of these cookies home to NY with me so that Mom doesn't have to bake. She's having the family over for Christmas dinner so that will be enought cooking for her. I will also pack a small tin of cookies to take with me to Chicago for Mr. X. Oh, I baked Triple Chewy Chocolate Cookies, and can I just say OMG they are rich! I got the recipe of a friend of mine who loves to bake. I can only eat one cookie and I have to have a HUGE glass of ice cold milk to wash it down.

OH! I finished my cardigan just in time to wear to the party!!

Moss Bark Short Sleeve Cardigan

Cookie Swap 2008

I also received my Winter Wonderland Swap package this week from my pal in Las Vegas! Check out the cool things she sent me!! I love the snowman ornament. It won't be in the tree this year because I'm not putting up a tree since I won't be here over the holidays. I know, depressing. Never really feels like Christmas to me without a tree, but if I'm not going to be here to enjoy it then why bother?? Anyhoo, check out that yarn! That color it sooooooo me!! Thank you Alexis!!

Winter Wonderland Package


knitredsox said...

Very purty yarn from your swap partner. :)

Had so much fun at the cookie swap....how can you STAND the TEMPTATION?????

Thanks to Stacey! :)

Kozy Kitty said...

Swap was super fun! I've often thought of one of those litter maid thingies but with 4 cats (including two really big lugs) I figured we'd just burn the motor out! Greg's been getting into my bags. He seems to know the one with the kitty toys so I actually had to hide them!

FugueStateKnits said...

Hi D! Love that cardigan - it looks great on & you look just gorgeous in those pictures! You will really enjoy that one-skein book - it's one of my favorites and you know I have a lot!
Hope your Christmas is wonderful - back with family and in the Windy City! Keeping my fingers crossed for you:)
Merry Christmas:)

twiceknit said...

I'm still holding out for a real snow day. I live for those! Happy New Year!