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Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Yenta or Shadchan?

No, I'm not Jewish, but apparently my assistant, R, must have been in her former life. She is contently asking me this or that about my love life and if I'm not giving her answers, which I hardly do because I don't really know her all that well, she's trying to get the information out of my assistant, who I've worked with for the last seven years. Much to this woman's chagrin, Carleen doesn't tell her anything. Carleen and I find it humorous that she will ask us each about the other, but will hardly ever directly asks us those question. It drives Carleen absolutely batty!

Anyhoo, getting back to the Shadchan part. *For those of you that do not know, yenta is the Yiddish word for busybody and shadchan is the Yiddish word for matchmaker - if I am incorrect in my translation please correct me!*

So, a few weeks ago, my team (minus Carleen because she was out that day) and I were sitting down eating lunch and just chit-chatting away. Another co-worker, Ms. P, comes in to shoot the shit with us and she wanted to show us pictures of her son. Her SINGLE son *you see where this is going yet?* This co-worker is a little Italian woman that is tickled pink to have another Italian to talk to at work.

The light bulb went off in R's head and she ask "Is you son single?" Of course he is. Then, before I really know how it happened P was telling me all about her son. I just wanted to crawl into a hole and disappear. Oh, did I mention the fact that he's teaching English over in Korea! He's not even in the states! Yeah, just what I need. Luckily, just as I think P was trying to actually get a firm answer out of me of if I was truly interested, my cellphone rang. *saved by the bell, literally* The humorous part of that was that it was Mr. X calling.

The next day, I was telling Carleen the story and I don't think she could believe it all, but when Ms. P came by for her morning coffee and referred to me as her "future-daughter-in-law" I thought Carleen's eyes were going to pop out of her head when she looked at me. I had to leave the back office.

I think Carleen must have said something to R because it was never mentioned again, until today when Ms. P asked me what I was doing over winter break because he son might be coming home for Christmas. ACK!


Denise said...

why do people love to matchmake? mortifying...
On the other hand, I hear Korea is nice this time of year ;)

Rima said...

I am sure you dont want to hear this, but you cracked me up. Really funny story.
PS: I know this guy who is single....:)