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Sunday, March 1, 2009

Swamped in Swaps!!

And lovin it!! I know folks outside the swap world just have no clue as to why people would be in swaps.

"What? You buy stuff for someone you don't know??" Is the usual response I get when explaining a swap, but I've gotten some pretty neat things from a swap.

I will admit the very first swap I joined was a Secret Pal swap (a while back) and my partner completely flaked out on me! It was very disappointing. I had a lot of fun putting together a package for her and couldn't wait to see what she was putting together for me. Plus it's always fun to shop for yarn and goodies!! When I realized my partner had flaked out, I contacted the coordinator and she found an "angel" for me. An angel is a generous someone who is willing to put together another package for a swappee who hasn't received anything.

I did not let this one person taint my hopes for swapping. I was reading all the other swap posts and how other people were getting all these great package and though everyone must get a "dud" everyone once in a while. So I've tried a few other swaps and lucky have not been disappointed again.

I also think that Ravelry has helped to really cut down on the swap flakers because there is "Naughty Swappers" list that people can check.

Anyhoo, I was in 3 swaps this past month. I don't know what I was thinking in joining three of them, but I did and it was a lot of fun. One of the three I was even a co-hostess of.

First up in the Valentine Vampire Swap. *yes, I'm a vampire lover and have read and seen many vampire novels and movies*

VV Swap
Here’s everything that was in my package from LadyMay (Ravelry profile):

  • 4 patterns: Thermis, Boo the Bat, Sweetheart Glovettes, Loves Bites fingerless gloves
  • 4 skeins of yarns: Wool-Ease, Wiggles, Cascade 220, Classic Elite Alaska
  • Loves Bites music CD she made for me
  • A TY beanie Spider
  • Pretty stitch markers
  • Hand lotion
  • The Cursed by L. A. Banks
  • The Love Voodoo kit Vampire in a Box
  • Tootsie Roll lip balm
  • Choclate covered nuts and a few Hershey Kisses

And as if that wasn't enough - she knitted two items for me!! The first is a pair of fingerless gloves with Classic Elite Yarns Lush (50% Angora/50% wool) YUMMY!! I think I have worn these almost everyday since I received my package!


The second was Boo the Bat! Isn't he just too cute!!

Boo the Bat

The next swap I was in was from the Caffine Addicts Ravelry group. Pinky23 (Ravelry Profile)put togheter this great package for me.

Coffee Swap package

  • a pound of Irving Farms "Gotham" coffee - I just love that name!
  • a bag of dark chocolate heart candies - yeah that package didn't last too long ;)
  • a cute Valentine mug from Starbucks (a coffee lover can never have too many mugs, can she??)
  • hand lotion (don't all yarnie people love their hand lotions!)
  • a small package of SOAK
  • two candles
  • and of course yarn!! Malabrigo Sock yarn!! I have been dying to get my hands on some of this yarn! Look at that rich purple colorway!! *No Lavlaurie you can't have my purple!*
  • and the card she semd me was so cute!! The cover reads "And now for the final word on knitting socks" and you open the card up and it reads “Whaddya MEAN, you’d kinda like one for the other foot?!” *laugh*

Luckily, I make my socks 2-@-a-time so I never worry about the dreaded 2nd sock syndrom.

My final package for this month came from the Knitter's Coffee Swap 4, which I was one of the hostess for. This terrific package came from Pennala (Ravelry profile) in Canada.

KCS Package
Here's what was in my goodie package:

  • Knitscene Winter 08/Spring 09 (I almost bought this magazine on Monday!)
  • The Sculptress (she apparently found my weakness for mystery novels)
  • A French Press travel mug (now I can make GOOD coffee at work!)
  • two different coffees that just smelled heavenly when I open the box - I tried the Cuzco this morning - YUM!
  • a pouch of kitty treats for Frisco (which he absolutely loves!
  • Avon goodies (hand lotion, hand sanitizer - perfect purse size, bubble bath, nail files)
  • a keychain flashlight
  • a little coffie cup candle holer (so cute)
  • And of course and beautiful skein of Araucania Rance in a gorgeous Victorian pink and green colorway *no Tulabug, you can't have it, it's all mine!!*

I couldn't resist, here are a few pictures of Frisco eating the treats Pennala sent him! As you can see he was impatient for his treats. As I was trying to take pictures that he was trying to pull my hand holding the treat down to this mouth!



Now I am all caught up on my sharing :) .... At least I think I am for now!


knitredsox said...

Great swap treats...but the pics of Mr. F are priceless! The kids are going to love that! :)

Kozy Kitty said...

WoW! What a haul! We could have a month of snow days and you'd be set for coffee and sock knitting. What do you think our chances are for Tuesday?

ellen said...

Wow, I think I am going to have to look for swaps to participate in. you really scored! And blogging two days in a row?!!!! WOW!