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Tuesday, January 5, 2010

A Knitting Year in Review

It's amazing to see what one accomplishes in a year when you put it all together like this. Flickr only allows for 36 tiles to I cut out a few of the small projects like a few dishcloths. It wasn't till I put all these pictures together that I realized I had knit 9 pairs of socks this year! I wonder if I will top that count in 2010.

FO 2009

1. Maddy's roll brimmed, 2. Maddy's Flapper Hat, 3. Entrelac Scarf, 4. Red Dwarf Socks, 5. Falling Leaves Socks, 6. cowl, 7. Meret Beret, 8. Lace Petal Socks, 9. Just Enough Ruffles, 10. Meret, 11. Christening Booties, 12. Christening Hat Maya, 13. Blue Blue Blanket, 14. Baudelaire, 15. Lucky Pomatomus, 16. The Classic, 17. Lacey Shrug, 18. Christening Dress, 19. Christening Set, 20. Lacey Shrug, 21. Christening Blanket, 22. Christening Gown, 23. Tudora, 24. Ocean Waves Socks, 25. Phairo Shawl, 26. Forest Canopy Shawl, 27. 100_2228, 28. Bebe Sweater, 29. Storm Cowl, 30. Horcrux Socks, 31. Juliet, 32. Entrelac scarf, 33. Ice Ice Baby Socks, 34. 100_2607, 35. Maya's Hat, 36. Scarf for Gabbi

Of course I have lots on my list of what I want to knit this year, but of course we all know that new that new patterns we inevitably come out to reek havic with my plans :)


Kozy Kitty said...

Impressive! You always get so much done!

Anonymous said...

Awesome! What beautiful knitting and an incredible quantity for one year! - 2Knitor2Crochet