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Friday, December 14, 2007

Fairies and Cookies and knitting and fun and.....

The fairy squares are complete and sewn together!! *cheer* I had really wanted to line all the squares in black, but I made the mistake of talking to my mom before I made the decision and she talked me out of it. She has this thing with little girls and the color black. Much to her dismay, when I was young my favorite color was black... oh you should have heard the fights we would get into at the stores!

Now I just need to finish the rest... and before Christmas?!?! Anyone have on of those special stop watches that actually stops time that I could borrow for a few days?? :)
Fairy squares attached

Wednesday night our S 'n B group had its first Cookie Swap! There were about 24 women there and we each made 6 dozen cookies! That's a 1728 cookies in one kitchen that isn't a bakery!
Talk about a sugar high!

Stacey (the cute blonde on the top right corner picture) organized the whole event and openned up her beautiful house to all us crazy women! Not only did Stacey do the above she also played the role of the Cookie Nazi and collected everyone's recipes for the cookies they were planning on bringing beforehand and made a cookie cookbook with all the recipes for each of us! How great was that!

And of course, no S 'n B would be complete without Denise, a swift, a ball winder and a few skeins of yarn!
S 'n B Cookie Swap 2007

We all had a blast and hopefully this will be the first of many more :)


Denise said...

Thanks a million for taking these pictures - it really was a fun evening :)
If I don't see you at Border's tomorrow - Happy Holidays!
Denise (the other Denise!!)

Valerie said...

That looks like so much fun! I am envious of your wonderful S'n'B group!

Have a Merry Christmas!!

By the way that blanket looks splendid!