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Thursday, December 13, 2007

Wubba Wubba!! What a package!

No, that's not a flash back to the 80's. I was saying "Wubba" long before Downtown Julie Brown used it as her little saying on Club MTV!

When I arrived home from Satan's lair work, I found these little loverlies hiding behind the snow shovel at my front door. I squealed in delight *and those of you that know me, that's can be loud* Loud enough that my next door neightbor (I live in a duplex) actual came to the door to see if everything was OK! *giggle*

I just love it when my mail lady or the UPS man bring goodies to my door! And to come home and find not one but TWO! Double the pleasure!!

Lookie! Goodies!

My final package from SP11! My pal was Manda and she spoiled me rotten and I loved EVERY minute of it!! Just look at this package she sent me! Bamboo sock needs in size 2, darning needles and holder *now maybe I won't keep losing those needles*, a heart shaped tape measurer, a really neat sock pattern, and dreamy sock yarn!! *pun intended* Just look at that yarn!! It's Dream in Color - Smooshy, and it lives up to its smooshy name!! DE-lish!! Do you get the feeling she's trying to convert me to a sock knitter *wink*

SP11 - final package

Manda, Thank you so much for all my goodies!! And believe it or not, I do have one sock completed and its partner started, but it's hibernating till I get these Chrsitmas gifts and this baby blanket done!

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