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Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Easter Weekend

Happy Easter Everyone!

I went home to the folks in NY this past weekend. My sisters and my cousins from MD also came up. The Easter dinner table was set for 21 people!! We haven't had that at my house in quite a while! It was so much fun.

Saturday, my mom had all the kids making their Easter breads. In Itlaian we call them Paloma (but I'm not really sure of the spelling). Traditionally, Easter bread were shaped into a girl for little girls to decorate, bunnies for boys to decorate, bastets for older kids, and braides to give to other adults. Easter bread is brushed with egg to give it that nice shine while it cooks and it helps the decorative candy sprinkle to stick.

After the Easter bread making, Mom made homemade pizza for all of us for lunch. Sorry, I was too busy eating it to get pictures of it ;) Afterwards, my sisters, cousin and I took the kids to the local park to let lose some of that energy they had! I took my knitting along with me. You see the poicture where I have a little Starbucks bag on my wrist? Well that was my little knitting bag to carry the socks that I was working on! I now understand the need for this little project bags! Needless to say, that I surfed Etsy and found several cute little project bags and bought one. Of course, after I purchased it, it dawned on my that I could have just MADE one myself!! Oh well, if I need more then one that's what I will do! Ooohhhhh - maybe that's what I can make for some knitting friends for Christmas gifts!

One of my cousins really should have been a baker becuase she just loves to bake and she's so creative! Just look at those adorable cupcakes she baked and turned into nests complete with eggs and even a few peep chicks!!

Easter 2008

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twiceknit said...

What adorable cupcakes! Looks like much fun was had. Love the collage. How did you do the pictures?