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Monday, March 17, 2008

Hands on Dying!

Back on March 8th I took a dying class over at Lovelyarns. It was interesting and fun and I'm actually hoping to do a little more experimenting with dyes when the weather gets a little warmer.

Here is what I did on my first attempt. I was going to and brown/purple colorway. It's tricky getting the dye to go all the way through the skein which is why there are some blue spots in there, but for a first attempt I still pleased with the outcome.

Hand dyed purple/brown

Hand dyed purple/brown

My second mixing of colors created this rich red. I was totally in awe of this color. I'm such a red person! It almost looks like blood. I dubbed this colorway Blood Red Fade. Now, if only I can recreate this red to make some solid colored skeins when I experiment again. I highly doubt it since when we were mixing colors we were trying to make the brown for the first skein. When this red came up I said "oooooooo save that for my 2nd skein!"

Hand dyed Blood red

The skeins are both fingering weight (100 grams, approx. 450 yards). Now I just need to figure out what I'm going to turn these skeins into!

If you have a pattern suggestion PLEASE post it :)


Rima said...

I have no pattern suggestion, but anything in red looks great (red is my favourite color too!). Great dying project. I must try someday too.

twiceknit said...

LOVE the colors. I've always wanted to try dyeing. What kinds of dyes did you use?

Valerie said...

They are both beautiful but I am definitely a fan of the red. Especially since you names it Blood Red Fade. Beautiful work!!