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Saturday, January 17, 2009

Returning from a Hiatus...

Sorry folks, I know I have fallen behind in my bloggin' and haven't caught you all up date with what's been going on *see Ellen, I'm writting* and sharing pictures of my two little cherubs *enough picture for you KK??* I was off work for just about two weeks and my whole schedule has been thrown off.

First off - I'd like to let you all know that I have resolved my transmission problem with my Honda. I sold the sucker!! Gone, it's probably up on some auction block right now or some high school kid is rebuilding it for auto-mechanics class! But, it is no longer my problem :) I now have a Toyota Corolla. My parent's were buying themselves a new car, so they sold me the Corolla. It's smaller then my Honda with the most annoying alarm system. I'll have to take a picture and share with you all another time. Feels so strange being able to sleep in an extra half-hour in the morning now that my car doesn't have to heat for 50 minutes!! The only think I hate is the color. Seems like everyone has a silver/light grey car and finding it in the parking lot is not so easy anymore! The first day I drove it to work, I completely forgot and I was looking for my red Honda that afternoon! It was a good 10 minutes before I remembered *DUH, you have a new car* But it felt good to be able to leave the work parking lot at exactly 2:30 PM that day and not have to wait 45 minutes for the transmission to warm up. Wow!! and whole hour and a half back in my day!!

For Christmas, I went home to NY. I spend several days there knitting, relaxing and playing niece Maya. She's such a little peanut of a thing. While I was up there I finially finished my Christmas Money socks!

Christmas Monkeys
Pattern: Monkey socks (Rav link)
Yarn: Wullenstudio Sock Yarn
Needles: KnitPicks size 2 fixed circulars
Modifications: None

They were finished the day after Christmas, but I wore them anyway!!

And here are some pictures of the little peanut at Christmas.

Christmas 2008

1. Christmas Eve 2008, 2. Nonni & Maya, 3. Nonni and Maya, 4. Grandpa & Maya, 5. Grandpa's the baby hog!, 6. Mrs. Maya Clause, 7. Felicia and Maya, 8. Felica and Maya sleeping, 9. She's a little peanut!, 10. She doesn't like the camera flash, 11. how peaceful, 12. I could have held her all night, 13. One pooped Ms. Clause, 14. Santa's little helper, 15. Christina, 16. Soon-to-be Godmother, 17. Are you talking to me?, 18. Hangin' with Zia, 19. Chillin' in the Boppi, 20. checkin' everything out, 21. Hi, 22. What's over there?, 23. She's trying to say something, 24. Wha' you say?, 25. Are you still talking to me?, 26. oooo fishies!, 27. Maya in her Santa's Helper PJ's, 28. Did that move?, 29. I can reach..., 30. Felicia babysitting, 31. Peaceful moments, 32. A steady heartbeat, 33. I'm not sure about you, 34. Oh, just gas :)35. Not available36. Not available

So, I was in NY for about a week, drove home Saturday, about an hour after arriving home I was picked up by my friends Stacey and KnitRedSox and we all went of to KozyKitty's for a graduation celebration for her son. We hung ou there for a few hours and then I returned home to unpack and pack for my trip to the Windy City.

I spend the next week chillin out *and it was chilly* hangout with Mr. X and Baby M. I have to say I was rather shocked that Baby M seemed to remember me from my last trip because as soon as her father put her down she came over to me for a hug. She so cute when she hugs too - she runs up to and then falls on top of you to hug you. Aside from saying Dada and Mama she now says Pup-py! Baby, Bye-bye and Thank you *it's sounds more like 'tank YOU' - so cute*. She will give you something just to take it back and say "Tank YOU!" I had her saying penguin a few times as she has this penguin today that she likes alot. Here are a few pictures from my trip.

NYE 2008

1. Baby M unwrapping her presents, 2. Baby M with Dr. Suess, 3. A book, 4. Not sure about that, 5. Baby M, 6. Checking out the knitting accessories, 7. Tastey row counter over the cheesy poof, 8. She luvs this puppy., 9. Showing off her teeth, 10. Not sure what to play with next, 11. My cuddle toys!, 12. All mine!, 13. Baby M's House, 14. Daddy acting goofy, 15. Now how do I open this again?, 16. Mmmm Cherrios, 17. She loves her penguin, 18. Baby M's laptop, 19. The little doodlebug, 20. You can't have my laptop!, 21. No, this button Daddy, 22. That, that over there!, 23. Juice!, 24. more juice, 25. Hugs with Daddy, 26. Smiles, 27. Diabolicale!, 28. Cuddles, 29. Kisses just for Daddy, 30. Baby M's dress, 31. Baby M loves her laptop, 32. more smiles, 33. Her Puppy!, 34. Daddy and Baby M, 35. another hat!, 36. Doodlebug!

While I was that the airport I casted on for the Ruffle Hat with the leftover yarn I had from the Baby Bolero I made her on my last trip there. I wasn't sure if I would have enough, and sure enough, I didn't. So it was turned into a rolled brimmed hat. Still looks cute on her though and she seemed to like it. Mr. X warned me that she tends to pull her hats off, but she didn't. Soft, squishy, warm yarn tends to make a difference ;) I still want to make her the Ruffle Hat because it's just so cute! Here's a pic of her in the Roll Brim.

Maddy's roll brimmed
Pattern: Ruffled Hat (Rav link)
Yarn: Wullenstudio DK Yarn
Needles: KnitPicks size 6 16" & size 6 DPN
Modifications: Didn't make the ruffle. Kept knitting till I ran out of yarn

I had also started the Cat-Eared Baby hat for her with the yarn that Mr. X picked out on my last trip. I followed the directions, but the hat looked awefully small to me. So before I cast-off, I packed it and brought it up for her to try on. Sure enough - too small. She's got her Daddy's big head. So the first hat was frogged and I started over casting on something like 20 more stitches. When I finished the hat I decided I didn't want to make cat ears and started searching around on Ravelry for some idea when I came across these flowers and thought "oh, I like those!" So I made three flowers and Baby M now looks like a baby flapper in this hat:

Maddy's Flapper Hat

I have also finished 2 more pairs of socks, but don't have pics yet. I will post them soon. I hope you had a wonderful holiday!


Anonymous said...

LOL - The hat does make Baby M look like a 1920s flapper!

I'm glad that you got rid of your car before things got worse. The transmission of my old Honda died on the DC Beltway on a cold February day. Now I too have a silver/gray sedan. I'm glad to have the old stickers from when I lived in Virginia on the windshield. They help me pick it out from the crowd of Maryland silver/gray sedans.

- 2knit or 2crochet

twiceknit said...

You've been busy! Love the hats, especially the flapper one. So cute!