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Sunday, August 23, 2009

I Hate Waiting!!

Friday was my biopsy and now I am waiting for the results to come in. I hate waiting! The biopsy itself wasn't bad. I do think though that Valium appears to have not have the desire effect with me. I felt no calmer after taking the medication then I did beforehand.

The nurses at the St. Agnes Breast Clinic were all very nice. This is the same hospital where I had my abdominal myomectomy last year, so I was comfortable going back there. The nurse that was with me asked me all these questions to make sure I knew what was going to happen and what I was to expect. Then the surgeon came in and talked to me before she started the procedure. I was nervous as all hell. Strange too, this procedure was so much less stressful on the body then my surgery last year, yet I wasn't really nervous at all like I was on Friday. Guess it's because the stakes are higher this time, yet had something gone wrong or if the fibroids were worse then anticipated the option of children being permanently removed would have been devastating to me.

Anyhoo, I didn't feel much except the needle going in to numb the area and then the pressure each time the doctor put the needle/gun back in to take another sample. The first sample she took - I nearly jumped off the table. No, not from pain, but I certainly gave the doctor and the nurses a scare! The nurse had warned me before hand that biopsy needle makes a clicking sound, I just didn't realize how loud of a sound it was. So she takes the first sample and I flinch on the table and suddenly I have 3 pairs of huge saucers eyes on me and all three of them asking me at once, "OMG did you feel that? You shouldn't have felt that! She numbed you up good!" If I wasn't wound so tight and if the Valium had worked the way I suspect it's suppose to work, I probably would have laughed at that point.

"No, I didn't feel any pain, a little pressure maybe. The noise just startled me." You could see all three of them exhaling at once! Like I said, I can certainly see the humor now, but Friday - yeah, not so much.

Then the nurse that was holding the sonogram wand, who was also the nurse that saw me take my 2nd Valium pill, pats my arm and says, "Oh Sweety, I guess that Valium hasn't kicked in yet has it?" Gee, Yeah think! "Well, you'll be feeling really good this afternoon then!" That 'real good feeling' never did seem to kick in on Friday.

After that first jump, the doctor let me know each time she was getting ready to pull the trigger. I don't think she wanted me jumping anymore either. Afterwards, they took some mammogram pictures to make sure the markers that were inserted, so that people know in looking at future mammograms that these two lumps have been biopsied already, the machine broke! I didn't get out there till about 2pm and I was starving. I hadn't eaten since about 7PM the night before! Not that I couldn't eat, I was just too nervous to eat, but at this point I would have eat a whole cow myself!

My sister took me out to lunch and she would have taken me anywhere else I needed or wanted to go, but I needed to keep ice on my boob for the next 5 hours and that would be a little difficult if I was out and about. Lucky for my I have several ice packs in my freezer. With my migraines, I need to make sure I can pull out a cold one when the one I'm using is no longer cold. So, home for the night I was.

Luckily, I did have a little pick-me-up just before going in! On Thursday, my 2nd Secret Pal package was delivered and what a package it was!! First off, the box was just too cute! I may try to reuse it. It's a share we don't have cute shipping boxes like that here in the states. I opened the box and I was instantly enveloped in the wonderful aroma of coffee! My pal send my some Espresso coffee from Finland! I find had a cup this morning and it was DE-Lish!! Yummy!! Next up was some organic espresso chocolate and some jelly candies from Finland as well. Haven't tried the chocolate yet, but the other candies are yummy! There was also two bars of handmade soap that smell yummy, and a pamphlet of Finnish to English translations of some knitting terms that my come in very handy for me since I have several shawls I'd love to make that need to be translated from Finnish to English before I can do anything! AND!!!! She send my Wollmeise yarn - not 1 BUT 2 skeins!! I've never knit with this yarn, but I have heard good things about it and boy is it soft!!! Two skeins of Wollmeise - Twin. This is one of the best perks of International swaps, getting yarns that I can't easy get in my area!! I have no idea what the colorways are because the label has it listed as "We're Different", but but when I check that colorway on Ravelry there are lots of variations for it. I think this happens to be We're Different - Aquarius:
one is a beautiful deep aquamarine/teal and the other is turquoise and green. GORGEOUS!! My pal has certainly taken the time to learn my color likes!! I'll try to get a nice outside picture of the skeins to really show off the colors! These skeins are a generous 510 yards each!! I am defiantely making a shawl with the more aquamarineish one. It's just too beautiful a color to hide under pants and inside shoes!

I'm so excited about this yarn that I would love to wind it up and cast on right now, but I have way to many UFOs flying around my house and I have to finish test knitting a pattern for Fresh from the Cauldron's - Oz Club, which I so regret not signing up for, but money was tight and too many house emergencies were happening for me to risk spreading my finances too thin. Besides, I have to find a shawl pattern!!

SP14 package 2

Thank you Secret Pal!! I love my 2nd package!! And it was just the little pick me up I needed before this weekend!


Anonymous said...

I'm glad you liked your packet. I was lucky to get some Wollmeise to you few weeks ago. I love Wollmeise yarn but nowadays it isn't easy get. VOcabulary came with Wollmeise and it's German to English. Wollmeise will makde a beautiful shawl I was thinking to knit Silk Kerchief with them to you but then I decided to send them to you so you can knit by yourself and enjoy.

Now I have something elseto you on my needles and yarn to next packet is already bought.

I hope everything turns out well.

Secret Pal

ellen said...

I am thinking and praying for you. Please let us know the results!

Anonymous said...

I hope you'll be able to get the results early today. There has already been more than enough waiting for you to endure!! - 2Knitor2Crochet