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Wednesday, August 12, 2009

One Thing at a Time

That's all I can do, and now I can happily cross one more house project off my list! My front walk is now complete and whole again. I was able to get 3 different estimates, two coming in at exactly the same price and the last three times higher!! I couldn't believe it. So I highered one of the construction companies to repair my sideway and I came home to find to entrance to my house roped off. Guess the guy didn't realize that this was the only way into my house.


He came back the next day to remove the frame and and bring the dirt level up some, but he left me room in the flower bed for topsoil to plant new plants. He did a good job.


Now I just need to price out topsoil for the front lawn and plant grass come mid-September. Slowly, one step at a time.


knitredsox said...

Yay, it's done! Looks good too!

Kozy Kitty said...

With nice loose topsoil, you can put bulbs in this fall and next spring you will have flowers!

Rima said...

I love home improvement!