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Sunday, August 30, 2009


Thank Heavens! Sorry I am posted about this so late. My doctor's office called me back on Tuesday or Wednesday to let me know the biopsy results had come back benign. I thought the woman on the phone had called the condition Fibrobcycstic, but I think I must of heard her wrong. On Thursday the surgeon called me because she didn't know if anyone in her office had called to let me know the results of the biopsy. I thought that was very good of her. She said the lump was a Fibroadenoma. Still not cancerous. Since fibroadenomas are benign, treatment will vary depending on the diagnosis. If it is small, painless, remains the same size(I pray it does), and the biopsy showed no problems, I will not need further treatment. I do have follow-up ultrasounds in 6 months. If there is growth or if it becomes painful the Doctor recommends removal of fibroadenomas. The exact cause of fibroadenomas is unknown. They seem to be influenced by estrogen. There is also a good change that it could disappear over time, I like that idea even better cause sleeping in a bra for a week after the biopsy was hell!

Thank you to everyone for your thoughts and prayers, thank you to my family and friends who have very much helped to keep this off my mind these last few weeks as I waited for my biopsy appointment and then again as I waited for the results. It has meant to world to me to know that I have such a support group!


Anonymous said...

I'm glad that you're ok.

Secret Pal

AllyB said...

Phew! Glad that's behind you.

Rima said...

I am so glad.

Eileen said...

Hi, this is your secret pal hostess I have been trying to contact you by email and not heard from you please email me at dibosai@gmail.com ASAP