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Tuesday, October 13, 2009

She's Alive!!

Can you name what movie that line is from?? I'm sure I'll more answers then the one movie I'm taking it from :)

Sorry friends, I know I haven't blogged much lately. I've been kind of busy with my house and trying to get things going at work and then trying to get my Etsy shop up and going.

So to catch y'all up, sometime near the end of August I went home for a visit. I got to spend some time with the family and my baby niece, who will be 1 year old next month! Damn how time flies!! Here are some adorable pictures of her in the outfit I bought for her and then some of her with her older cousin in the kiddie pool that Nonnie and Grandpa have in the backyard just for her! That teething ring she has in the center pictures is probably the 6th or 7th teething ring that was purchased for her and one she finally liked chewing on! She apparently hates all the others and refused to put them in her mouth.


Here is my final SP package. Another package of espresso coffee this one chocolate flavored! I can't wait to try it. A beautiful coffee cup and tray set, some chocolates that I took with me on my trip to Kansas City, MO, very pretty feltable wool yarn, a skein of a pretty hot pink yarn that I'm probably going to turn into something for either my niece or Baby M, some boxes of black licorice and she knit me a pair of socks!! Aren't they so pretty!!! I can't wait till it gets cold enough to wear them!

SP package

SP socks

Thank you Hanna!! You've been a terrific spoiler!

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Anonymous said...

Thanks for the update. Is the title from "The Bride of Frankenstein"? I'm clueless about movies so I got that idea from Google.

Your niece is adorable:-)