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Sunday, February 18, 2007

SEX and Entrelac

Those of you that don't knit or crochet probably thought you were going to read some sort of a racey posting, sorry to disappoint you! *laugh* SEX actually stands for Stash Enhanceing eXpedition, and you all thought knitters were boring people ;)

Yes folks, with as big a stash is this:

I added to it today. I know, like I *need* more yarn, but I couldn't help myself. Is there a Yarn Addicts Anonymous for yarnaholics like me? I was taking an Entrelac class today at Lovelyarns with my girlfriend Vicki and these yarns were just calling to me while I was sitting there, minding my own business, trying to learn to knit this new style. I swear! No really, they were whispering "touch me, buy me" I just couldn't resist! *giggle*

Anyway, here is the neat stuff that I have added to my stash. Here are two skeins of the oh-so-soft Malabrigo Merino! I will be using them for the My So Called Scarf pattern.

Here is what I worked up with scrap yarns while I was in the class. Horrid, itchy, cheap acrylic yarn! The pattern is actually a lot easier then it looks, but it does use up quite a bit of yarn.

Since I had just taken this Entrelac class, I just *had* to buy yarn to make a scarf in that pattern. I simply had to! So, after learning this tecnique I browsed the store to find some nice yarn to make a scarf using the entrelac technique. Here's what I found! Trensetter's Tonalita!

A pretty self-striping yarn that when you knit using the entrelac technique makes each square a different color and should make a really neat looking scarf. I will post pictures when I begin!

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PHD Knitter said...

I can't believe how much stash you have! You have no idea how much better that makes me feel ... ha! Until I realize that you can knit with all of that yarn anytime you want ... and then I get sad ....