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Tuesday, February 27, 2007

Sad News

I just received a double dose of bad news today. I was already upset over an email that I had received when Eleanor, a co-worker, came to me. She asked how I was and I was very close to tears when I told her not so good. That's when she said she was coming to find me to tell me more bad news and asked me how the Prayer Shawl was coming. *sigh* I completely brokedown in the school hallway because I knew what she was saying to me. Our friend, Gloria, is fighting a losing battle with cancer and it doesn't look very good. She managed to get me to my office where I could cry in private. She told me of how Gloria was back in the hospital and that her health was deteriorating rapidly. After we cried and talked a little more, I showed her the shawl. I was hoping to make the shawl about 24" in height, but she said I better just go for 12". So I will knit as much as I can between now and Thursday. I am going to give the shawl to Eleanor on Friday to deliver.

It's a shame that things like this have to happen to make you realize how short and precious life is.

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Kozy Kitty said...

I've been wondering how Gloria was doing and I was hoping that no news was good news, but I guess not. That is so sad.