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Monday, February 19, 2007

Whole new meaning to warm and fuzzy!

Here I am, sitting at home enjoying my last day off after having almost a week's vacation (3 snow days in a row and then a 3 day weekend!) I'm sitting at my computer working on my National Boards entries when Frisco, my cat, jumps into my lap demanding I pay him some attention. So I pet him for a bit before I go back to my typing while he just lays curled on my lap. He was content for a little while before he started wiggling around and wiggled right under the bottom of my sweater. Frisco has a tendence to like to be under this and he had settled down again, so I didn't think anything of it. He let me type for a few more minutes till he rooted around again and popped up and out to say "hi." Luckily I had my camera on hand and snapped a shot before he got away. Is this not too funny! I couldn't believe it. Gives a whole new meaning to being warm and fuzzy! *LAUGH*

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Kozy Kitty said...

Are you sure my Greg didn't go home with you? They could be twins and they both are fiends for attention! That is too cute!