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Saturday, September 15, 2007

Crochet! Knit! Crochet! Knit! What season is it??

OK, with a title like that I just couldn't resist finding this :)

So, now onto some updates. As you can tell by my trackers it has been 29 days since my last cigarette! *How awesome is that!* On that same day, I started my walking routine. There is a lake behind my house and the path around the lake is a 2 mile lap. I walk 2 laps pretty much daily. A nice 4 mile walk each evening. Wednesdays are tough since I have therapy right after work and I don't get home till about 6:15 PM and then I have knitting group at the local Borders that starts at 7PM. But hey! Four miles/six days a week is pretty darn good! *for me at least* I call this my "Me Time." I walk and think, and plot and scheme *just kidding.... maybe* and talk to God and even say a prayer to a few relatives up there to watch over friends and family down here. Heck, I have even asked Mr. X's father to watch over him and help him maintain his sanity during this rough period in his life. *Color me a fool who's still in love - PARAMEDICS WE NEED A STRAIGHT JACKET FOR THIS ONE!*

Here's the baby blanket I am working on. Believe it or not, it has been somewhat calming for me to be working on this blanket. Not sure why, since when I'm working on, THAT situation is always on my mind. Several people have called me crazy for putting this much effort into a blanket for his baby, but in my mind, the child is the innocent in all this. It certainly isn't her fault that her daddy was a dumb ass in that situation.


Moving on.... here is the Soft Waves Ripple that I am working on for my sister's Christmas gift. I have to add a stripe of the Denim color yarn and I will have one repeat of colors done!! That will be 25% complete! A nice start for the month of September for a December gift :)
Soft Waves Ripple 3

Lastly, is an update on my Mom afghan. I think this is about 25-30% completed as well. Again, a nice start for a Christmas gift! Unfortunately, you can't really see the pattern very clearly in photos, but the color will go beautifully with the family room decor at Mom's house.

Just had to add this picture.... How can you resist a face like that one??


Anonymous said...
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Theresa said...

That baby blanket is gorgeous! And wow! Two blankets for Christmas gifts! They both look so nice.

You are inspiring me to walk/work out. Six days a week is amazing! I try for three, but maybe I should increase that to five.

Valerie said...

I am so glad to hear how well you're doing with being a non-smoker. Walking is also one of the best ways to get in shape and work your lungs out from being a smoker. This of course, if what I have heard, as I am still a smoker and don't find the energy to get up and walk anywhere after/before work. -=giggle=-

The projects look great hun!

PHD Knitter said...

I don't think you're crazy at all. It's a beautiful blanket and I'm sure it feels good for something good and beautiful, created by you, to come out of the whole situation. You amaze me with all of the afghans. Guess I spoke too soon about the lack of posting ;) It was nice to see you at knitting tonight!

Liz said...

The baby blanket is beautiful. If you want to knit it, you knit it. Other people have too many opinions in my opinion! Lovely colour too.

The_Add_Knitter said...

All of those blankets/afghans are amazing, you are a knitting maniac, I love it!