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Saturday, September 8, 2007

Friday Night Happy Hour... and other stuff too

Wow, what a week! Work has just been C-R-A-Z-Y!! Can I just say, I hate, HATE my schedule this year. Did I mention that I hate my schedule? About the one things that actually saves my sanity each day is that I get to each lunch with one of the teachers that I really like :) She's a trip. Here she is eating a not-very-sweet orange for the sole purpose that an orange is good for you. PUCKER FACE DANA! *heehee*


Moving on.....

I just discovered that one of the teachers at my school owns one of these....


DAMN DOUG! It's a '71 Corvette Stingray. Can you say NICE! *I certainly can, too bad he's married with two kids* Course I'm wondering how a teacher affords a vette, but more power to him! Unfortunately this baby didn't want to start for him Friday afternoon! :(

After work I headed out to a tapas bar on the other side of the county to meet up with some girlfriends for Happy Hour! We sat inside, but restaurant had all their door/windows open to the courtyard and we got to see and hear this band while we were there.

Here they are doing a sound check before the actual festivities got started. The dude in the plaid shorts was cute! Didn't catch the name of the band, but it was one of those "ska" (I think at least) bands. A bit of reggae, hip hop and pop. I could really hear the reggae in the music. I just love that!


After dinner and drinking, we walked around the square. My gf Karen and I hung out and danced a bit in the square. The other girls were too embarrassed and went window shopping. It's a tad hard to really be embarrassed when you *HEART* dancing and music *and several Long Island Iced Teas in the system doesn't hurt either* ;)



When I got home from Happy Hour, I found this package on my front porch! *squeal* I love packages!


Here's what I got from my WhoDuKnit swap pal!

Moving on to knitting/crocheting projects....

Here are 2 dishcloths I made this month. I really like this pattern. It's called Elvish Leaves Dishcloth from Kelley's Yarns. I made one in a Sugar'n Cream ombre and the other is made in Berrocco Touche. The made with Touche is Soooooooo freakin' soft! I love it!


Next up is an update on the baby blanket. These patterns are fairly easy to follow. I scanned and printed out large copies of the three charts that are required for this pattern. I laminated them at work so that they would last for the duration. I use a sticky note on each chart to help me keep my place and I mark the number of repeats on the sticky notes. I will probably be using this pattern following technique in the future to mix and match patterns! Oh! And I really like working with this yarn! Super soft and touchable!

I learned the hard way that you really should not try to follow charts after you've been loaded up on Long Island Iced Teas. I came home from Happy Hour last night and did a few rows before crashing on my bed. This morning, I had to rip out all those rows cause I totally goofed on the floral patterns. The floral pattern is 29 stitches and I had 31 stitches between my stitch markers this morning. If I wasn't so anal, I probably would have try to find a place where I could have just K2tog, but I am anal and ripped back till I have 29 stitches again.

Does this mean that I won't drink and knit at the same time in the future? *HA! Fat chance* I just need to pick up WIP that have much simpler patterns *grin*


I have 23 squares made for the Stained Glass Afghan. 334 more needed and then I get to join them! Color me crazy for picking that pattern! Anyhoo, a few squares here and a few squares there and I should have my afghan in about 10 years *LAUGH*

granny squares

Next on the "To Make" list is this ripple blanket for my sister. This is going to be her Christmas gift. So far it's 60" wide and 11" in length. I like how the print yarn breaks up solids! It's super soft and it should keep her nice and warm in the NY winters!

Soft waves ripple

Still working on the Tunisian Baby blanket for a co-worker. I have GOT to get this one finished this week. She's due this month!

Tunisian baby blanket

Tunisian baby blanket 2

And last up.....

Frisco! Apparently he loves the ripple blanket too! *the little bugger grabbed the yarn and ran pulling out half a row of stitches!* That's what I get for trying to get a cute picture of him with yarn. I should have known better!

Frisco and a ripple


Kozy Kitty said...

Hey--I thought you left in a hurry yesterday! But then you didn't have the pleasure of dismissal duty! Two friggin weeks of it! Add that to hating your schedule and thoughts of automatic pistols and/or heavy doses of barbituates enter your mind! Our whole team absolutely HATES their schedules. I told Mike that we need to have more input next year. It just sucks!

I thought you already learned the hard way that liquor and knitting don't mix! That's why you need to be working on a simple sweater in stockinette. That might be doable! See you Monday! We are blessed with a staff meetin. Oh goody!

Kozy Kitty said...

Another thing--Doug has had that Stingray for years! Probably even before he was married. It's been one of those projects--sort of like some of our FO's!

Valerie said...

I love the colors of the Tunisian Baby blanket. Too Adorable. Also, tell that man, I am going to steal his car! -=giggle=- Always room in a girl's heart for a nice car. =)

I hope work settles down for you soon! Also, massive brownie points for dancing! I love music too and I can't understand people's restraint against expressing themselves through dance.