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Sunday, September 2, 2007

Forgot All About Florida!!

Totally forgot to tell you guys all about Florida! It was GREAT! A little boring since I was there by myself, but it was peaceful and relaxing and just what I needed after Summer School was over.

I went down on a Tuesday night and stayed till Saturday. My parent's condo is just 2 blocks from the beach, so that was great. I couldn't believe that my parents didn't have an alarm clock in their place, but then again they are retired and have no need to get up early. Apparently, I'm the big nature lover in my family. Even though I was on vacation, I wanted to see the sun rise on the beach. *I knew I'd never see it without an alarm clock kicking my ass out of bed though* So, I bought a cheapo alarm clock at the local CVS, suffered through the ridicule of my family for wanting to get up at 6am while on vacation, and saw my sun rise. *I mean, what's the big deal with 6am? I'm on vacation. I have vampire white skin that can stay in the sun too long anyway, so get up at 6am, watch the sun rise, lounge on the beach till about 11am and go home and nap till 2pm. What could be better??* LOVED IT!! Of course, had I been on the west coast, the goal would have been to see the sun set *grin*

Florida Get Away

You can see, I managed to get a few pictures of the sand crabs early in the morning. They are fast little suckers! You wiggle one little pinkie toe and ziiiiiiiiipppp they're are back in the ground hiding. The sand fleas in the morning are killer though! Next time definitely need to remember to spray bug repellent on me.

It was worth it for these shots I got :)


Knitted Zebra said...

I'm with you ~ I would have been getting up at 6 a.m. to catch beautiful sunrises myself! Loved the pictures. Delores {from WhoDuKnit}

Valerie said...

The beach is soo beautiful at sunrise or sunset. I love it when it's deserted and all you can hear is the waves. It's entirely too entrancing. I could sit that way for hours.