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Sunday, September 23, 2007

The Last Wedding.... for a while that is

Busy, busy weekend! It started out calling in sick on Friday. My stomach was not doing well and I had to drive up to NY later that night for a family wedding on Saturday, so I thought it best to stay home and rest. When I finally felt OK to get up and start moving around I dragged out the suitcase to start packing. Here's the first thing that WANTED to be packed!


Isn't he cute! So anyhoo... I shooed him out of my luggage and instead of getting the hint and just curling up on the bed to watch, Frisco followed every step I made. I mean EVERY step! This little guy knows what that red bag means. I almost stepped on him, I don't know how many times, because he kept scampering around under my feet as soon as I moved.

Luckily the drive up to NY wasn't bad. I made it in 4 hours. *lets just hope the NJ Turnpike people don't check the times on my E-Z Pass account*

Now, a little family history between my and the mom. She hassles me about my weight EVERY time we talk. And when I say every time, I mean each and every time we talk on the phone or the first day of the visit - if not every day of the visit. *and she wonders why I lag between phone calls or get annoyed with her over the conversation topic*

So, I get to my folks house about 10 PM, say hello to all (sister and hubby are there as well as my aunt and uncle from Florida), then run to empty the bladder that was filled with 3 bottles of water from the trip. *I tend to drink a lot of water on driving trips so that I don't feel the need to stop for food - not so good on the bladder though*

10:06 PM

I came out Mom was heating up some of what they had left-over from their dinner. I told her not to do that because I wasn't hungry and I really didn't want to have a full meal in my belly when all I wanted to do was hit the bed. Not to mention that because of the drive, I had missed my 4 mile walk for the day. I told her I had something before I hit the road *I didn't tell her it was half of a McDonald's chicken nugget happy meal, but I had eaten.... and felt disgusting afterwards, so I guess that's one good mark of watching my weight since that's the first McD's meal I've had in months* She got annoyed with me! H-E-L-L-O!! Aren't you the woman that badgers me about my weight at EVERY conversation?? I'm home for 6 minutes and it starts!

10:22 PM

The movie (Kingdom of Heaven) they were all watching is finally over and Mom has the usual coffee and sweets ready for dessert. She fixed everyone a plate with a slice of cake and a scoop of some orange cream ice cream without asking who wanted and who didn't. Now, if I had just told you less than 15 minutes ago that I wasn't hungry would you automatically assume that I would want cake and ice cream?? I fixed my coffee and didn't touch my dessert plate *kudos to me* It took a few minutes for Mom to notice that I was eating my dessert, when she finally asked if I was going to have it. "No, ma. I don't want it"

"How about just the ice cream?"

"I don't want it, thank you."

Then she huffs and eats the ice cream herself! I just can't win! I'm damned if I do and I'm damned if I don't.


Saturday was pretty relaxing. By the time I got up my mom and my aunt had left to go get their nails done. I made a quick trip to the local CVS to get hair gel and some pantyhose *whoever invented pantyhose needs to be shot!* Then I came home, changed into my workout clothes and got on Mom's treadmill *that hasn't been used in God knows how long* and did my 4 mile walk. The treadmill hasn't been used in so long that the motor started giving off a burning smell when I hit about 3 miles. I kept looking around the machine to make sure nothing was actually smoking! Then is was shower, hair, make-up and we were all off to the wedding.

The wedding was beautiful. The weather was kind of crappy, but they say rain on the wedding day is good luck. Hope so! Here are a few photos. You can click on them to see a larger picture.

Laura's Wedding
The little guy in the picture with my mom and with me is my cousin's little boy. He's 6 months old and adorable. He was my dance partner most of the night so that my cousin could dance with her DH. I had 2 different ladies come up to me while I was holding him and told me "Your son is absolutely adorable!" Those of you that know, can just image how hard I had to work at keeping the tears from falling. The wedding was hard enough, but to hard these two women mistake this little guy for mine (honest mistake - I know) was just not something I had prepared myself for that day.

On Sunday my Mom shared the following documents with us all. Apparently she found some old awards that her grandfather, my great-grandfather, won! These two agricultural awards are from 1932 & 1933!! She needs to get them framed.



Lastly, is a photo of my great-grandfather from World War I!! Right side of the photo, 2nd row, 3rd guy in is Great Grandfather! I love all this old family shit!


And this is probably the last family wedding for a while. I do have two other cousin who are still single along with me, but one is a workaholic and as far as I know she isn't seeing anyone, let alone someone seriously, right now. My other cousin, well we seem to be two of a kind *guess since he was only born 2 days after me it makes sense* He in a very similar love situation that I am, minus a potential baby. Guess Geminis really do have twins out there.


Valerie said...

I think in mom's take a class before children are born. "102 ways to hassle and annoy your offspring." -=giggle=-

Glad to hear you had a nice visit otherwise. I am sorry to hear that the baby comments, got to you. -=hugs hun=-

I LOVE old photographs! I have a bunch of my Grandmother and Grandfather when they got married! Not to mention, countless baby photos of my parents, uncles and aunts.

Liz said...

You all looks beautiful at the wedding!

Well done to you for not eating all the crap your mom wanted to stuff into you!! I think it's just an inbuilt thing that they have, that food=love. Then she gets hit by guilt which is when she hassles you because she feels bad because she knows she contributed to the problem.

Sorry for the amateur psychology! Good for you getting on the treadmill while you were away too!