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Wednesday, July 2, 2008

As the World Turns...

Well, I am back from my mini vacation. I went to Chicago this past week and spent some time with Mr. X and his daughter. She is just precious! I was really nice to spend some time with him and relax before having to start a new job and my surgery.

I did manage to get the baby dress finished before the Sunday visit, but the little girl is teething and fussy, so I didn't get to try the dress on her. Mr. X promised he'd get me a picture on his next visit. When I get it, I will post - along with the other photos of her.

In some ways, I thought this trip was going to be hard on me - with his daughter and all, but surprisingly it wasn't too bad. Maybe because she looks so much like her daddy that I just didn't see "the other woman" in her at all. I think the harder part was actually his reservedness *is that even a word?? - I guess it is since spellcheck didn't catch it* I know he still has some things he needs to work through and stuff. It's just so hard to sit by and watch the person you love go through things and know that there isn't a damn thing you can do to make it better for them, except to just let them know you are there for them and to be there when they turn to you.

*God, if you're listening, I really do understand the lesson you are trying to teach, but could you just speed it up a little here - I know, that was counter-productive, so I will wait*sigh*

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Anonymous said...


You know you are a brave and kind person. I do understand why you would want to make something for his daughter and to visit with him. It is almost healing in knowing that you can do it. Good for you.

On the other hand, men are just so stupid.

Your SP 12 Pal