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Thursday, July 24, 2008

Christmas in July

That's how it feels to me right now. Last week I got all those beautiful flowers to decorate my living room and dining room table *and Frisco got some treats to eat - hee-hee* I helped a woman in my knitting group destash some Manos del Uruguay yarn *I know, like I need more yarn, but the skeins she was looking to destash were all in the winter colors that I love*. Then yesterday I get two packages in the mail and another hand delivered by KnitRedSox (Ravelry link) when she came over to knit with me and keep me company!

Sorry, I did not take pictures of the Manos yet. I'm waiting to take that picture outside to get the true colors of those yarns. I'm thinking of turning those skeins either into this, this or this. When I get a picture of all the gorgeous colors, I'll ask you all again for your opinion :)

I also did not take pictures of the first package that was delivered. I had ordered some 16" circulars from KnitPicks to make some hats this winter.

Now for the goodies!! First up is the package that I received from my Secret Pal 12 pal!! How perfect is this in light of the fact that I was just in the hospital *laugh* An Emergency Knitting Bag!! Isn't that just a hoot!!

Check it out, there a zipper pouch right there in the front and in the back there's an open pouch. Sorry, didn't think to take a picture of the back.


There is a lot of room on the inside! There's a zipper pouch on one side and three mesh pouches on the other! Perfecting for holding this little notions!


Look what she packed inside!! Two 40" Harmony needles from KnitPicks *I have got to start knitting more socks!* Look at that mini-crochet hook. Isn't it cute!! And just what one needs when a stitch accidentally slips off the needle and starts traveling downward! *yikers*


Aren't these stitch markers kool? All different colors and all sizes!!


Of course, no Emergency Knitting kis would be complete without some yarn!! Isn't that color great!!


Even with everything inside there is still plenty of room for more!!


As if that wasn't enough, there's a great handle on the end to carry it around!! Thank you Secret Pal!!


Next up was a "Get Well" gift from KnitRedSox! Check out these goodies! In the back is a Reed Diffuser. There's a really neat ceramic container that you fill with the essential oil. The scent she bought me is "Calm" *lavender & Mint mmmmmmmmm* You fill the ceramic container with the essential oil and then you put in the reeds. The reeds slowly absorb the oil and scent the air.

There was also a box of Organic Chai tea, a book of crossword puzzles and a knitting book!! How kool is that!! Thanks KnitRedSox!!


I should get sick more often - JUST KIDDING!! I just hope the next time I have to endure this pain there will be a small bundle of joy in my arms that will make it all worthwhile!!

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Anonymous said...

I forgot to send you the pattern for the gloss and needles . . . and you don't have to make socks . . . God knows that I don't because I've found that I love sock yarn but use for such a wonderful variety of uses . . .
Like this:

I am glad you liked the package. When I saw this I thought it was perfect for someone who is recovering.