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Sunday, July 27, 2008

Over-doing It

Why am I not suprised! I have been cooped up in my house for almost two weeks and I have been going stir crazy!! KnitRedSox and Bri (Casadefred) had come over at night to knit and keep me company. It was terrific to have company, but I still needed to get out!

Saturday, a small group from my regular Wednesday night Sip 'n Knit group meet at knit at Kings Contrivance Court Yard. KnitRedSox lives right around the corner from me and lately she hasn't been able to attend the Wednesday nights meet-ups, so she's been going Saturdays and offered to drive me. I took the chance! I hadn't been in a car since Monday's doctor's visit, and that was NOT a fun ride. But when I got up Saturday morning, I felt good and REALLY wanted out. So, KRS picked me up at 9:15AM and we went. The car ride was much smooth than Monday and the wether was beautiful enough that the small group of us were even able to knit outside! It was GREAT to be outside! *I'm free, I'm free, I'm free at last!* The group started to break up around noonish.

I was still feeling pretty good. On the way home we decided to stop at Daedalus Books Warehouse Outlet, which really was on out path and not out of the way. Of course we hit the knitting section first. Here's what I picked up.


I also picked up a couple of audio books for $8 bucks each!! I also bought a Lucille Ball DVD collection and a Benny Hill DVD collection. Benny Hill will be part of Dad's Christmas gift.

Afterwards we stopped and had lunch at a terrific pizza place at the end of out street - Five Brothers Deli. Then I was dropped off at home.

A few hours later my sister called to day that her and the girls would be over around 3:00PM to help me with the laundry and cleaning of my house since I shouldn't be lifting things and doing the stairs too many times in a day. So a took a nap while I waited for them to come over. They didn't show up till about 4:30PM. Afterwards they wanted me to come to their house for dinner. My nieces had signed up for a Kids' Triathelon and they needed to go pick up their numbers and had to attended a quick meeting. The meeting lasted longer then they anticipated, so instead of going to their house for dinner, we went to Ruby Tuesday. I had my first steak since the surgery - DE-LISH!!

Then, I really lost my head! This yarn store in Frederick - Eleganza, was having a Midnight Madness sale. 40% off EVERYTHING in the store between 10 PM - 12AM, *oh yeah, you know it* ExecutiveKnitter, KnitRedSox and I had talked about going earlier that day, and they would wait for a call from me, to see if I was feeling up to it. I was, so we went. *color me crazy* The place was PACKED!! When I saw the number of people in there I started to wonder if this was such a bright idea for me. I mean one accidental bump to my belly and I'm sure I would clear out the place with a scream. By some miracle, not a single person bumped in to me! I found a few things that I have been eyeing for a while and thought, 40% off, now or never! Then I was starting the feel the strain of the day, paid for what I had and went outside for air and a chair. Here's what I got: (top to bottom - Noro Silk Garden Sock, Jitterbug, Alpaca Soxs, Cascade Venezia worsted)


I got home at midnight and went to bed!

Can I just say, when I woke up this morning..... oowwiieee! I had over done it yesterday. I took it real easy today.

On the knitting front, I frogged the socks that I started for my father because they were too small and recast-on using the 2-at-a-time, magic loop method and so far I have 2" on both socks!


At the Sip 'n Knit, I had cast-on for the Moss Bark Short Sleeved Cardigan. I bought the yarn at MDS&W this year and I am determined to make something for myself while I am stuck at home resting!!



Anonymous said...

Geez, when you break out, you really, really do it big!!!

So, if your doctor calls to see how you are doing are you going to share???

Actually, I just love the point in healing when you start to think "I can do this/I can survive this."

By the way, I am sending my final package to you this week. I am moving and need to get it out before it gets misplaced . . . but I am not telling you who I am yet because who knows, it may not be truly over yet!

Your SP12 pal

knitredsox said...

Sorry it too much for you! I hope you're still resting and feeling better!

PHD Knitter said...

Sorry I missed you on your Saturday breakout, but I'm glad the other ladies are keeping you entertained :) I can't believe you guys drove up to Frederick! Hahaha! Looks like it was worth it though ... beautiful new yarn ... better get started knitting socks!

Denise said...

wow you are having fun!! I'm glad to see you're keeping your spirits up - look forward to seeing u again!
Denise xx