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Friday, April 3, 2009

I Won't Let Daddy Nap!

My BIL is just too funny sometimes. My baby sister had her 1st child back in November and in February my BIL lost his job :( On the up side, he is now a stay-@-home Dad and has re-enrolled in college courses. I think he's lovin' the Daddy part more then the studying.

So today my sister gets this email:

Hi Mommy,
I woke up in my crib and decided it was so fun I couldn't go back to sleep. I usually nap with Daddy this early. Boy he must be upset!

Anyway thought you would think this was cool HA HA No NAP For DADDY!!!




They start getting tech savvy younger and younger!!! *giggle*

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Ursula said...

So cute! My husband stays home with our 6mo old boy. It hasn't been said outright, but I think they nap pretty regularly. I do however sometimes catch them lounging shirtless (we're in hot hot Phx) when I get home.