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Sunday, April 5, 2009

Spring Break Day 1

Day One of Spring Break I went right to work on my house! I borrow a power washer from my friend Tulabug. I also stopped off at Home Depot to pick up some bleach solvent to help break down all that ugly green mold that was on the side of the house. I borrowed a ladder from my neighbor KnitRedSox, the ladder her DH dropped off wasn't going to get my anywhere near the top of my house. So, Tulabug went back home and picked up her 16' ladder and we went to work. For a while there Tulabug and I traded off the washing wand cause niether of our arms was prepared for this. Then my older sister came by to "help." She is an architectural engineer and is use to giving out the orders and supervising and that is exactly what she did. She also know more about safety on ladders then I do, so I was happy she was there. She gave the encouragement I need to go higher up on the ladder then I ever would have gone on my own. There is also a stronger sense of saftey knowing that two women are holding the ladder that is propped up against the house than one. And so, with the two of them holding the ladder I did manage to go up high enough to get rid of most of the glaring mold that was up there. There is still some stubborn molding that is sticking deep inthe the lines etched on the siding, but it should pass the damn HOA inspection. I might consider going to get another bottle of the outdoor bleach cleaner and getting back up on the ladder to spray and let it soak in a few miinutes before attempting to powerwash again. Depends on how anal I am about letting it go. You have to understand, I tend to be a perfectionist and see all the things that are "wrong" or "not-quite-right" in my own work. I can thank my fahter for that crazy fault of mine. It drove my ex-husband crazy sometimes.

Dirty Siding

Moldy Siding

Dirty Porch

Anyhoo, sometime around 6:30 ish PM I called it quits. I managed to powerwash the siding on the back, the side, and the front porch. I still need to do the siding around the windows of the second level on the front, but that will need ot wait till I have someone here to help me again.

All clean!!

Clean and ready for Paint!

What on the agenda for day 2?? Scraping, priming and painting the front porch!!


Anonymous said...

It looks 100% better:-)


Kozy Kitty said...

WoW! You did a great job! What a difference! Now I know who to call when we decide to tackle that job!