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Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Maya's Christening

As you all know, or most of you know, my newest niece had her Christening two weekends ago. *I know, I know - what the hell took me so long to get the pictures up* Most of you also know that I made the whole Christening outfit for her - dress, bonnet, booties and blanket.

Dress: We decided to add the ribbon at the last minute and luckily JoAnn's still had the same ribbon that I bought for the bonnet!!


The whole kit-'n-kaboodle:

Christening Outfit

Of course Maya was the best dressed baby in church that day. There were two other Christenings during mass that day and I swear the other babies were jealous of Maya's outfit *laugh* Anyway, the service was beautiful, unfortunately we weren't able to get great pictures inside the church because there were three babies, three sets of parents AND three sets of Godparents crowded around. That ok, we got plenty of pictures before and after :)

My cousins Cesidio and Felicia were chosen as the Godparents. For years I had know that when I had children those two would have been my first child's Godparents. I'm still hoping for this one day. Felica and I were very close growing up even though she is four years younger than me. We had some of the same struggles with our fathers and we were such a support for each other.

As for my cousin Cesidio, we were inseperable when we were growing up. We were born two days apart, me being the older, but boy we were cut from the same cloth. We were tit-for-tat and thich-as-thieves and always got in trouble together. When we were 13 his mother up and decided that she was moving her family back to Italy. We were devistated! I didn't see Cesidio or his brother Domenico for the next 14 years. Not till I asked them both to be in my wedding. They both came back over to the states in September of '97 and Cesidio decided he wasn't going back. I think my aunt still blames me for that, but Cesidio just never felt at home over there. I'm glad that he's back over here and he's worked his ass off to make a life for himself sinces he's been back.

Cesidio is the kindest, most selfless, most generous man I know. He would literally give you the shirt off his back if you needed it. I've always thought that we were cut from the same cloth, but I felt that he has always outshined me in those areas. I've always been awed by how we were so intuned to each other and how we were always able to be a comfort to each other during trying times. Just a couple of years ago we were once again coming to the same crossroads and came together - I was dealing with my break-up and reconnection with Mr. X and he was dealing with a similar situation with his girlfriend. Different circumstances as his gf was ten years his juniors and immature and my Mr. X was just plain stupid and running from committement. Circumstances didn't matter - we both understood were each others hearts were and why they were where they were. Him and that connection is what I turn to when it gets really tough to deal with - still to this day. Felicia and I always joke that it's a shame Cesidio is our cousin. We now say that we "need to find our own Cesidio" and I thought I had, but I guess there really can only be one. I pray that one day he will find a woman worthy enought for him, because he certainly deserves one very special woman.

And it looks like Maya already has him wrapped around her little finger.


Here are a few other pictures from the Christening Day. She was such a good baby the whole day!!

Maya's Christening

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Colleen said...

Breath-takingly gorgeous work!

Anonymous said...

Beautiful work for a beautiful baby!


Christening Gown Mom said...

That's a very unique well made Christening gown!

twiceknit said...

How beautiful! Very impressive!

Rima said...

You made that! That is just out of this world!