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Tuesday, May 22, 2007

A contest, a contest!

I was reading through Dysfunctional Knitter's blog where she posted her summer knitting goals along with a link to a summer knitting contest hosted by Skeins Her Way. I was just talking to KozyKitty yesterday about needed to figure out what I wanted to make over the summer and do some stash busting! Must be carma that led me to this site.

So here goes....

1. Collect and put together donated squares for Rebuilding Greensburg-Block-by-Block
2. Teach my niece Gabriella how to knit *Lord, give me patience with her*
3. Start and complete the Beachcomber Tunic from IC for my sister
4. Finish the afghan I started *bleep* ago for my parents
5. Put my knitting down each evening at 5 PM for a nice glass of wine or a cold beer (or two, or three...)
6. Complete my Arm Cozies
7. Complete My So Called Scarf
8. Complete the Braided Cable Scarf
9. Put my knitting down for Midnight Margaritas *you put the lime in the coconut and drink it all up*
10. Finish the sock I started *bleep* ago AND make its twin
11. Finish (and start) the Babette Blanket from IC
12. Start a lace project
13. Start on Christmas project presents and finish a few of them
14. Finish the Larger Than Life Bag


Javajem said...

It was great meeting you last night! Good luck finishing all your projects!

danielle said...

It was good to meet you and your My So-Called Scarf looks great. I hope to see you at another meet up.

danielle said...

Thanks for visiting my blog. Thanks for the *hugs*. I'm so sorry to hear about what you've been through. What is wrong men?!