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Tuesday, June 24, 2008

All Moved Out!

Well, today was my last official day at my old school.

No more crazy Sally, no more crazy Sally!!

It was very sad for me to see my library so empty! My library was filled with colors, stuffed animals, house plants gallore, toys, shells, student projects... anything that made this huge space attractive to the kids. As you can see in the pictures below, I have large glass windows EVERYWHERE so this area was constantly on display! You can't have a space like that look uninviting. You can see that every shelf top had oddles of stuff displayed.

MC 1

MC 3

Now it just looks like a ghost town...

empty 1

empty 2

empty 3

How the hell did I accumulate so much shit in 7 years?!?! *laugh* I kept probably about half of my stuff. It's all packed up and in my basement right now. Next week I need to rearrange my basement so that I don't have these boxes everywhere! I took home almost all of my stuffed animals and the toys - just in case I end up not liking high school and want to go back to the little guys.

The other half of my stuff I gave to friends who were still working in elementary schools.

Most of my friends that started the same year I did have made the switch to middle or high school. I am the 2nd to last one to make that switch. I really do enjoy working with the little guys because they are just so excited about reading and learning. Not to mention that they give the best hugs! My girlfriends that have made the switch keep telling me that I'm going to love high school, but I think that's more because the teaching atmosphere is different than elementary, not because the kids are any better. I am looking forward to the experience though. Since my certification area is really K-12, it will be nice to the ability to put down the varied experiences on my resume for future job prospects. It would also be good should I ever decide to go back and get my doctorate to become a county supervisor or a college professor. I do admit though, the idea of writing a dissertation and having to defend it - scarey the begeezus out of me!

Anyhoo, I packed up my last few things, said goodbye to the few people that were there as I left, *and yes, I broke out in tears* Although I left on my own accord, it was more for my own sanity then dislike of the location and community, and due to the fact that my program was pretty much destroyed within the last two years and reduced down to babysitting so that teacher could have additional planning time. Don't get me wrong, planning time is important, but if it's important of one teacher then it should be equally important for all teachers. It should not be at the expense of another educational program.

Well, enough dwelling on the past and time to look forward to the future.... High School...

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Kozy Kitty said...

WoW! It makes me sad to see our media center so empty. We will all miss you. Thinking of all your stuff--I wonder what it will be like when I finally leave. This coming school year will be my 24th at our school! There have been a lot of changes over the years--some good, some not so good. Out with the old and in with the new. Sadly, the old can offer a lot of perspective and save the new the trouble of trying things that have already been tried and abandoned. I wish you the best and much happiness at your new school. We will still have happy hour at the RH and Sip and Knit! Plus you can always drop in for a Pomatini! Enjoy your trip and take lots of pictures!