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Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Goodies for Me!!

I just love getting gifts! *yeah, I know, who doesn't!* A few weeks ago my Secret Pal sent me an email saying that she had sent out a teaser package. The swap hadn't even started yet! I was excited to say the least! Lookie what I got for a teaser!! A knitter's keychain and Harmony cable needles! My secret pal must have done a background check in me to know I just love anything with cables! Right now, I don't have a single project that requires cables... I must find something with cables to cast on!! *I know, like I need to cast on anything right now with so many UFOs on my needles, but that's an ADD knitter for ya!*

Thanks Secret Pal!!

SP12 teaser gift

And that's not all I got! Last Friday, I went to happy hour with my girlfriends KozyKitty and Tracey. KK gave me a belated birthday gift! Isn't she adorable!

Zodiac Fairy

Kozykitty knows of my weakness for fairies. This beauty is a Jessica Galbreth Zodiac fairy! I have been eyeing the Gemini fairy for quite some time now, but I never did buy it. Lucky me that I have a friend that knows me so well!! She is sitting in my china cabinet as you are reading this :)

One of these days I'll get arround to unpacking all my Amy Brown fairys and put them in there as well, but for know the Gemini has the stage all to herself *just as any Gemini should!*

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