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Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Where Do I Start?

Oh my, where do I start? So much has happened and right now I feel like I am melting! It is too damn hot!

OK, I think I left off with a doctor's appointment. I went and got a 2nd opinion and felt much more comfortable with the 2nd gynecologist. This woman was very thorough in her explanations. She had all kinds of pictures showing me all the different kinds of fibroids that I have. *yeah, lucky me. I don't have just one kind. No, nothing can ever be that simple when it comes to me* She also had a model she used when she was explaining everything to me. She took her time to make sure I understood everything. As it stands right now, I have five fibroids that showed up on the sonogram, which means I probably have more. I have various kinds of fibroids, so the less evasive procedures are not possible and that currently my uterus is about the size of a 5-month pregnant woman *that is something the other doc did not tell me* She also told me that I could possibly conceive in my present situation, but that she was 99% that if I did, I would miscarry because with all the fibroids and their current sizes, there would be no room for the baby to grow. She does recommend a myomectomy since my ultimate goal is to preserve fertility. She informed me that normally she recommends this procedure 6 months before a woman wants to try and conceive, but that with the current size of my uterus and the effects the fibroids are having on me currently, she would perform the surgery now. I do understand that they could come back and since we have no time frame for how long these took to develop and grow, I might need to go through this procedure again since I am not currently in a position to take on the responsibility of being a single mom *kudos and praise to all the women out there that are single moms in this economy.* I will be having an abdominal myomectomy where they basically go in as if it were a C-section - remove all the fibroids that they can and stitch me back up. Due to the way certain fibroids developed and how they need to be removed, when I do have my kid it will be C-sections all the way. And you know, I'm really OK with that.

So, my surgery is set for July 14th, first thing in the morning. And yes, I'm scared. I've had oral surgery several times, but I was always home and in my bed withing a few hours. This is my first major surgery and first hospital stay. I don't know if I'd be this nervous and antsy if the surgery was for anything other that my uterus *OK, so yeah heart and brain surgery would be right up there, but let's just not even go there.* I know, I know, I need to be more of an optimist and I'm trying. I swear I am!

My mom has already volunteered to come down and stay with me the week of my surgery *Percocet might be just what I need for that week! - LOTS* Don't get me wrong, I love my mother to death, but there is a reason that I moved out and live four-hours away. I also have several friends and several wonderful gals from my knitting group who have offered to help me out during this time. I'm not use to being cooped up in my house for weeks, and the idea that I probably won't be cleared to drive for several weeks! I just can't fathom! But I will do it all so that one day I can be called "Mommy"

I will obviously not be able to work my summer job, so my bank account will be awfully tight this summer. I don't even want to think about what my electric bills are going to be like since I will be home all days during the hottest days of the summer.

The transmission in my car needs to be rebuilt or replaced, so I guess it's a good thing that I won't be able to drive for a few weeks after the surgery. *See, that's me being optimistic. I told you I was trying!*

Anyone want to give me a winning lottery ticket?

On a happier note, I HAVE A NEW JOB!! ALLELUIA!! I will be saying goodbye to the little rugrats I've been teaching these last seven years in elementary school and come July 1st, I will be teaching the big rugrats in high school!! Yeah, a little scary. But at least I won't be dealing with the crazy principal that is currently running the school I'm in. And folks, when I say crazy, I don't just mean difficult, I mean there is seriously something wrong with the wiring in her attic! Anyone who can just outright lie to people and think nothing of it, and not just lie, but something I think she really believes what she is saying to be truth! I can't even begin to explain the craziness. You would think that the power-that-be would take notice when ten or more people on the school staff leave EVERY year! But, after June 20th - it will no longer be my problem!

I have several friends and colleagues that work at the high school level and I will be relying heavily on them for support and guidance as I make my way through my first year of high school.

I have dome some knitting through all this termoil, but I am too tired right now to find the pictures and blog about them. Hopefully tomorrow night :)


Kozy Kitty said...

Hey--as far as the electric bill goes--I just bought a Vornado whole room air circulator at BJ's. You would not believe the difference it makes in cooling a room. Check out Vornado fans on Amazon.com and read the reviews. Not bad for less than a hundred bucks. I highly recommend looking into that!

PHD Knitter said...

Let me know if I can do anything to help next month (or whenever)! We'll all come and knit at your place and scare your mom out of the house :)

knittingsecrets said...

I think you are being very wise in your planning for your surgery. There is a lot to be said for being conservative and careful.

And as to your Mom, you will know you are mending well when she really gets to the high-irritation point!

Congrats on the job.

Knitty McKnitKnit said...

Really glad your second opinion is more positive. I'll keep you in my thoughts and wish you a safe and speedy recovery.

Congratulations on your new job!

twiceknit said...

Happy to hear that you found a better doctor and that she can actually do something for you. I'll be sending good thoughts your way on the 14th!

Tootie said...

HI I was just looking on the internet about fibroids and saw your story. I have them too. I have about 10 and the largest one is 6 cm. I am also having surgery to remove mine. I'm having a D&C on July 22. I don't know how different that is from the procedure you are having. I just want you to know that you are not alone. Please email me to let me know your progess after your surgery.