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Thursday, June 19, 2008

Holy Cow Batman, She's Been Knitting!!

No more crazy Sally, no more crazy Sally.....

oops, sorry, I'm still on Cloud 9 over that one :) It was amazing quiet and calm at work today. The crazy woman has left the building for the rest of the week, so I get to finish out my days in peace. *There is a God*

Well, as we all know WWKIP Day was last Saturday and of course my SNK group participated! We went to a local strip mall and hung out in the court yarn area. It was terrific. Harris Teeter had just opened up and our fearless leaders went over and demanded that they cater to us *just kidding!, but they did inform HT that we were there and if they could do anything for us we would greatly appreciate it* They brought us this cart of bottled waters, bins with ice to cool down the water, boxes of cookies, bags of chips, platters of veggies, it was AWESOME!

WWKIP Day 2008

Looks like one of the local kids had fun putting some soap in the fountain!

And, what you have all been waiting for..... drum roll please....

Knitting updates!!

First up is a hand towel.
MD Moss Grid Hand Towel
Pattern: Mason-Dixon Moss Grid Hand Towel
Yarn: Kraemer Tawany Tweed DK in Lime (1 skein)
Needles: Addis size 5
Modifications: 11 repeats instead of 12.

This yarn was very nice to work with, and the pattern was quickly memorized.

With some leftover cotton yarns I made a Swiffer cover. I'm tired of buying those damn pads all the time and throw them away after just one use. So I've decided to use left over cotton yarns and make me some swiffer covers!
Swiffer Cover
Pattern: Ballband Dishcloth Reusable Swiffer Cover
Yarn: left over cotton yarns
Needles: Bamboo size 7
Modifications: None

All I need to do is sew up the site and put that sucker on my swiffer and start swiffering! This was such a quick knit, I have a 2nd one started already!!

Swiffer Cover 2

I started a pair of socks for my father. They were suppose to be a Father's Day gift. As you can see, I did not get them done in time, but since it's summer and my father rarely wears socks in the summer, I don't feel guilty, Well, that and the fact that my sisters and I went in on a Bocci Ball set for him :)

Dad's Sock

Next up in the Luna Moth Shawl. This is my sister's birthday present *we won't linger on the fact that her birthday was back on June 9th* Do you see a slight procrastination theme here in my knitting?? I'm not sure I'm going to have enough yarn to finish it! Bummer!! I have to call the store that I bought the yarn from and pray that by some miracle of miracles they have another skein in that same dye lot. If not, I'm screwed. I also added beads to jazz it up a bit.

Luna Moth Shawl

Dum-dum-dum!! *music crescendo* That dreaded Shetland shawl. I have finally finished it, but I'm not sure it's big enough! I am debating on frogging back the edging, winding up the other skein of yarn and continuing in the pattern till it's a bigger size. Then Tulabug can arrange the dye party she wants to have in Sheila's studio. But I need to make a decision quickly, because I need to have it dyed and blocked before my surgery since my other sister's birthday in August 9th!

Shetland Triangle

I am still knitting along on my Secret of the Stole II mystery knit. Although the KAL is long over, my shawl is only about half-way knit. I have completed clue 4 and am starting clue 5.


And last, but certainly not least...
Finally, something for myself and I do plan to finish this one *that is if I can ever get gauge* I purchased this neat cardigan pattern at MDSW this year along with the yarn - Autumn House Sagamore in Antique Garden. The problem is that I did not pay attention while at MDSW *I blame is on the high from the yarn fumes and my fondling obsession* The pattern calls for a yarn that is thicker than the yarn I purchased! The pattern was on display right next to this stunning colored yarn that I just naturally assumed *yeah, I know what assume breaks down to, you don't need to remind me* it was the yarn called for on the pattern. Live and learn. But I wasn't giving up,. I hunted my LYS and online to find a yarn that I could add to the Sagamore to make it the thickness that I needed. I bought some nice light fingering weight yarn in bamboo. Unfortunately, I knit up a swatch last night and I don't have gauge *grrrrr* I don't think the bamboo yarn is thick enough. I'm thinking of purchasing linen to add to it this time. Maybe some Euroflax. I just love how the colors look in the swatch. I can't wait to have this cardigan finished! I swear I'll wear it in bed while I'm healing from my surgery! *giggle*

Moss Bark Short Sleeved Cardigan

To wrap up this post.... I have discovered that my kitty likes Spinach and Artichoke Hummus! Who'd a thunk it??



Miss 376 said...

I love the shawls. I have a lacy wrap to do, and seeing these is giving me itchy fingers to get it started

textillian said...

That? Is a lot of knitting. It all looks great though. What yarn are you using for your father's socks?

Anonymous said...

Your knitting is awesome!

Thank you for the link to the Swiffer Cover pattern. That is the kind of project that I can knit, and I think my relatives feel OD'ed on ballband dishrags.


Knitty McKnitKnit said...

Wow, you've been busy! Loving your shawls.

I either have to make another one of those swiffer covers or do my laundry faster. They sure do work well!

Rima said...

You are on a roll, woman! I love the shawls.

KimT said...

great knitted projects!