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Wednesday, October 8, 2008

How Do I Let Myself Get Talked into Things??

As ya'll know, I have been working diligently on the Christening Gown for my soon-to-be niece or nephew. So, when the invitation came for my cousin's baby shower (scheduled just 2 weeks after my sister's) I knew that there just wasn't enough time to make something, so I didn't even try. Well, apparently, silly me!

Last weekend, I must have been Wednesday or Thursday night, I was talking to Mom on the phone and she asked me if I was making a baby blanket for my cousin's baby. I had told her no, because there just wasn't enough time for me to make something and mail it in time for the shower. She wasn't hearing it. She told me to go through my yarn and find something for a blanket. I think her exact words were, "I KNOW you have enough yarn to make a baby blanket in that house, if not several! So go get it and don't waste money on something else!" Of course, she's right. Last think I need to be doing is spending money frivolously right now.

Yeah, Mom knows I have a yarn stash, she just doesn't know that I have "A YARN STASH" When I tried to argue with her that I didn't think I could crank out a baby blanket in a week - she wasn't havin' any of that either. "So what! It will be a little late, but she'll understand when she gets it" So, I went stash diving and found this pretty baby blue yarn and yes, more than enough for a baby blanket. Now to find a pattern. I know that crocheting is fast, but I didn't want to start another ripple blanket as I have 2 already started for Christmas gifts.

Then I remembered a baby blanket that a woman from my knitting group had just finished and went searching for that pattern. I cast on Saturday night while I was hanging out at my friend Suzanne's house. I got through 1 repeat of the pattern (about 30 rows) when I found a mistake way back on row 3. Yeah, you know it - Sunday morning I frogged back all 27 rows to fix the mistake and kept going.

It is now day 4 of this blanket, I am about 30" along and so tired of it! Knitting under pressure takes a tad of the enjoyment out of it. Anyhoo, I have 1 more repeat to complete before binding off. Now, the blanket might be done tomorrow, but there is now way it will be mailed and delivered by Saturday. My solution is to take a photo of the finished blanket, sent it to my sister and ask her to print it out and stick it into a card for me. Then she can at least bring that to the shower on Saturday, while I head to the post office to mail the actual gift :)

Here it is so far -



Kozy Kitty said...

Damn, girl! Do you ever sleep? I don't know how you get all that knitting done!

MLJ1954 said...

That is fabulous and I agree with Kozy Kitty . . .