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Thursday, October 23, 2008

14 Months!!

Yeah for me!! It's been 14 months since my last cigarette. *does a little happy dance - careful not to twist her knee*

Now, if I could just get Mr. X to quit too! Speaking of, all is getting better slowly. The few days of a liquid diet seems to have settled his pancreas without having to be admitted to the hospital. *phew*

Oh, my knee. Well, the MRI came back clean. The orthopedic couldn't see any tear in the meniscus on the MRI. Apparently that doesn't take it out of the running completely. He said there could be a little tear that just isn't showing up, but he doesn't was to go head on into arthroscopic surgery just yet. He'd rather we try a less evasive approach, which I am ALL FOR! So, I am on anti-inflamitory drugs and in physical therapy for the month. If that works, GREAT. If not, he want to try a cortisone shot and then if that doesn't work he'll go in with a camera and take a look-see. Personally, I want to be done at the PT level :)

Knitting updates will be posted tonight :)


Kozy Kitty said...

Hey--don't discount cortisone shots! I love those things. They hurt like a mug for a split second then in a day or so the pain is completely gone! Best thing ever!

textillian said...

I have a torn meniscus (left knee.) Not fun at all. Aspirin is my friend.

pigbook1 said...

CONGRATS!~!!!! now if i could get my hubby to do the same (never gonna happen)
the knee stuff sounds painful, but hopefully you are fine after some pt and maybe a shot (which doesn't actually sound that bad) G'luck!