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Thursday, March 29, 2007

Almost there...

So far, this has been an exhausting week for me. I've been burning the midnight oil to get this portfolio completed. There are so many little details and specifics when it comes to organizing these entries. I think there is something seriously wrong when people are just as worried about how they are packing the portofio as they do to making sure their writeups contain all the necessary information to support and prove that you, in fact, up holding the required teaching standards.

In these entries, everything has a cover sheet. Then those cover sheets require explanations of what is being attached. Some of those explanations can go right on the cover sheets, others need to be attached behind it, BUT don't use staples or your entry will be unscorable! Ridiculous! The focus of the portfolio and the high stress factors should come from planning the lesson correctly, analyzing and reflecting on your teaching practice and the 10 pages written commentary on the lesson (multiply that by 4 for the different entries). Escentially a 40 page paper.... I didn't want to go back for my doctorate because I did want to write a thesis paper! I must be crazy!

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