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Thursday, March 15, 2007

Dorothy is...

Thanks to Knits in Public for this one! I was just taking a break from working on my National Boards and reading other knitters blog when I came across this. Directions: Google your name with is in quotes (like this - "Dorothy is") and see what people are saying about you!

Here's my list:

Dorothy is inquisitive and possesses an active imagination. (* Do I ever! *)

Dorothy is an orphan raised by her aunt and uncle.

Dorothy is also an accomplished recorder player for those seeking variety of instrumentation. (* Not a musical bone in my body! *)

Dorothy is a member of International Pacific Bar Association. (* Long Island Ice Tea PLEASE! oh, it's not that kind of bar huh? *)

Dorothy is made with a polyresin material which may resemble porcelain.

Dorothy is a dangerous terrorist. (* YIKES! *)

Dorothy is the cutest sweetest little thing ever with a smile that lights up. a room! (*aawwww*)

Dorothy is deviant any way you look at her--either she is a pervert, a martyr, or in need of intensive psychotherapy. (*I prefer pervert, but in the good sexual way ;) *)

Dorothy continues to focus on what she doesn't have. (* I can't tell you how true this is right now *)

Dorothy is in the Land of Oz (* of course this would come up! *)

Dorothy is startling, gripping, disturbing. (* hmmm... I guess to some *)

Dorothy, Slow Down, You're Wearing Us Out! (* sounds like my ex-fiance*)

Dorothy is not in Kansas Anymore! (* Don't I know it*)

Dorothy Is Dead. (* Does this mean I don't have to pay taxes anymore?? *)

Dorothy is now a very modern twenty-first century young woman.

Dorothy is a huge dinosaur in green color with yellow spots. (* Not my best colors *)

Dorothy is a lively character. (* I try! *)

Dorothy is wrestling with a dilemma. (* Story of my life it seems *)

Dorothy is classically trained violinist.

Dorothy is distinguished by what she has healed.

Dorothy is shown as a very friendly, kind dinosaur with a golden heart. (* Again with the dinosaur*)

Dorothy is the lifeblood of our schools.

Dorothy is an exciting person to work with. (* Thank you! *)

Dorothy is one of my favorite characters.

Dorothy is one of those rare people who can successfully transfer knowledge.

Dorothy is forced to date a convict. (* It'll never happen *)

Dorothy is receiving threats concerning a young football player. (* Ummmm.... I do not recall; therefore it did not happen! *)

Dorothy is stunning. (* why Thank you! *)

Dorothy is arrested as a slumlord. (* ACK! *)

Dorothy is the innocent school girl with a not-so-innocent Victorian bondage fetish. (*LAUGH*)
Dorothy is equally good with her breasts squished realistically and corset more than snug. (* If you only knew how true this statement could be! *)

Dorothy is unable to grasp the true significance of all of this. (* What else is new? *)

Dorothy is a pleasant looking lady.

Dorothy is pure so she actually believes that Charlie is sane. (* No one is sane! No one I tell you! *)

Dorothy is by no means perfect, but this is still one hell of not just an update, but a great story as well. (* Who are they to say I'm not perfect? *)

Dorothy is given a pair of ruby slippers. (* I'm still looking for a pair in my size!! *)

Dorothy is able to expose evil of every variety with a single swipe. (* swipe of what?? *)

Dorothy is The Mole.

Dorothy is a clan mother, a position of authority among the Onondagas.

Dorothy is an entertainment junkie and compulsively watches TV and surfs the net. (* TV not much, the net.... guilty *)

Dorothy is a geek. (* :P *)

Dorothy is on the far left.

Dorothy is exposed to an extreme beyond what one would normally allow. (* Why must I constantly be tested! *)

Dorothy is under police protection. (* I didn't do it. I swear! *)

Dorothy is a gifted psychic and clairvoyant who has been helping people. (* Too bad I can't seem to get my future predictions right *)

Dorothy is a female given name from Greek Δωροθεα ("gift of the gods"). (* This one I actually knew! It's too bad others don't always see it that way *)

Dorothy is a designer and traditional Haida artist.

Dorothy is being branded by a group of evil little Munchkins. (* I knew they were evil! And you all thought I was crazy for thinking it!*)

Dorothy is widely credited by her fans. (* Kool! I have fans! *)

Dorothy is currently happily married to Mr. Lucas Hollingsworth.

Dorothy is Elmo's aquatic pet goldfish who first appeared on the "Elmo's World" (* First a dinosaur, now a fish?? *)

Dorothy is a walking wonder, genuine firecracker, and perpetual cheerleader.

Dorothy is brimming with life.

Dorothy is a skilled swordswoman. (* Who wears many badages! *)

Dorothy is the type of person who makes friends easily.

Dorothy is very determined, and makes it a point to never cry. (* Hides her crumpled tissues *)

Dorothy is a very playful little puppy.

Dorothy is beloved by all. (* But not by the one she loves most :( *)

Dorothy is standing on a road made of yellow bricks. (* I'm at one of those cross-roads right now*)

Dorothy is a miniature porcelain doll and is about 6" high.

Dorothy is continually creating mood with tone, pitch and melody. (* Lots of Dorothys out there that are musically inclined, I'm just not one of them! *)

Dorothy is one of the most creative, “cutting edge” thinkers in the world today. (* WOW! I like this one! *)

Dorothy is in black with leopard-skin cuffs and collar. (* Oh My! What happened to the Victorian fetish? *)

Dorothy is a walking wonder.

Dorothy is renowned for her skill in color planning.

Dorothy is brimming with life.

Dorothy is very proud of her accomplishments.

Dorothy is protected. (* by what or from whom? *)

Dorothy is 96 years old and is one of my closest friends. (* God Bless this one! I certainly hope I live that long. *)

Dorothy is knocked unconscious once again. (* That certainly seem to be my life story right now! *)

Dorothy is a ghost many have seen and heard and run in terror from over the decades in the 153-year-old building at 30 Yonge Street that used to house a Bank of Montreal branch. (* I always said I would come back and haunt those that did me wrong *)

Dorothy is one of the great teachers who inspires.

Dorothy is no longer vulnerable. (* Don't I wish! *)

Dorothy is a member of the Pagan Poets Society and a charter member of M.A.G.I.C.

Dorothy is WAY over the rainbow in this one. (* I came crashing down a few weeks ago *)

Dorothy is now one of my favorite women in the whole wide world. (* Thank you! *)

And my favorite.....
a "friend of Dorothy" was a euphemism used for discussing sexual orientation without other people knowing (* LAUGH *)


Theresa said...

Ha ha ha! These are some good ones. I especially liked the one about the corset!


Kozy Kitty said...

As I've always said--"Dorothy is a lot of things!" --All good things, of course!