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Sunday, July 8, 2007

Knittable Gag Gifts

OK, so I'm cruising through and reading the various blogs that I read when...

wait for it....

I came across The A.D.D. Knitter's latest post in regards to gag gifts. I got a good chuckle. Then reading the comments that were left on that post, had me rolling. Several people had commented on wanting to make the same gag gifts. Well, leave it to the media specialist in me to start searching for said patterns. Imagine my suprise when I found so many out there *OK, so those of you that know my peverse mind know I'm not really that suprised, but shhhhhhhh not everyone out there know me that well!*

Now I know most of us have probably seen all the cute thong lingerie patterns that are bombarding the knitting world right now. As cute as they look, I'm not one to spend all THAT much time *OK, THAT much time, what, like 3 minutes to connect the string pieces is a lot of time* knitting something like that just to have it ripped off my body in the heat of the moment *HA! Like that's going to be happening anytime soon, but shit a girl can have her fantasies can't she! Now shush and leave me to my fantasy*

Ooops, forgot I was in the middle of a post *mental note to get back to that fantasy later* Oh, where was I, oh yes, sex, no, no I mean gag gifts. That was it!

OK, so we've seen the thongs, and if you follow Cass's blog (Shut Up, I'm Counting) she led us to this lovely piece last week. Here's one more for ya in case you missed it.

Damn, I think I lost my train of thought, must be sex on the brain syndrome *no really! or rather from lack there of*


For you entertainment I present....



Typically Funny after seeing that last two that is.

Hillariously Funny!

May have to make this one for Mr. X! For those of you following the Mr. X story, I'm sure you can make the connection.

Is there a special jackass in your life you need to make a gift for? *smaller will really fuck mess around with his ego*

So, how many will you be making for the office holiday parties this years?!


The_Add_Knitter said...

You are so DAMN HILARIOUS!! I'm so glad to have this list to refer to now, and I love the 'knit it small to mess with his mind' concept!!

Cass said...

Thanks for the laugh Pheelya!!!

Megan said...

That is hilarious! Unfortunately that is what the little newborn cap I tried to crochet last year kept ending up looking like. I don't know what I was doing wrong but it is nice to know I can still put it to good use. Our anniversary is coming up and that will make a thoughtful gift!!!

Amanda said...

For your international reference, those are also known in Australia as a Peter Heater.


Marti said...

Too funny. I'm the one who posted the pink pasties on my blog. There were actually a number of completely hysterical bikinis on the website the pasties came from, but I opted not to post them because the, errr, lady forest escaping around the edges seemed a bit risque for my blog. Here the (very not safe for work) link if you're curious:


Knit Wit said...

I'm sorry, but I can't help it--I have to ask. Who in the world wears those things??????

Valerie said...

I would feel way to insanely awkward to knit these for anyone. -=giggle=-

Megan said...

Hey Pheelya,
I meant to ask you if that tea held a candle to Starbucks version. What do you think?

Michelle said...

Oh my gosh, I'm crying... it's hilarious! I love the comment on the site that says 'customizable size'... hehehehehe

Will you be knitting these on my Christmas KAL?

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