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Saturday, July 7, 2007

Project Updates

OK, so we all remember the goals I have for my July projects? Here's an update on what I was able to accomplish this week while I was off work!


July Goal Updates:

* Knit the Monthly Dishcloth KALs (I have such a HUGE dishcloth stash. They knit up 2 dishcloths a month starting on the 1st and the 16th. I don't usually knit the 1st cloth of the month because I'm not big on "picture" cloth, so instead I find an older pattern off the site to knit for the 1st and then I follow their 2nd one) - 50% complete

* Knit the Monica Tank for my niece - 50% complete

* Knit a bag for my Secret Pal (Suki Bag) - 75% complete

Haven't touched these goals yet:
* Finish knitting that same tank for her younger sister. (I needed to make some minor adjustments on the straps and weave in some elastic around the top)
* Crochet 20% of an afghan for my parents for their Christmas gift.
* Knit a square for
Rebuilding Greensburg - Block by Block
* Crochet 5 squares for the
Stained Glass Afghan. The afghan required 357 squares!

I think I need to try and find my wrist guards today while I clean the house I've been neglecting all week in order to knit! I think I did a tad too much knitting this week *gasp*Did I say too much??*


PHD Knitter said...

Is there such a thing as too much knitting? I think not! Of course, I was sitting in Barnes and Noble tonight winding a skein of Tess' for Monkey socks ...

Cass said...

Nice to see ya kitting.

PHD Knitter said...

Seems like, as your knitting friend, who just read your post about all your current knits, I should discourage your from casting on Rusted Root. But I choose to be a crack dealer like Lynn and insist, "Start it now! It's such a fun pattern!"

Amy said...

What a lot of goals! Good Luck!
I like the dishcloth pattern. It looks like stained glass, almost.

Megan said...

Thanks for the swap links! I love the bag! The socks are almost done...

Anonymous said...

I think you should continue to neglect the housework and instead work on your July goals. And might I say, those are some hefty ass goals!

Valerie said...

That Suki bag is cute!