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Wednesday, June 6, 2007

A Contest for My Birthday!

OK folks,
My birthday is on Friday *does the Happy Dance* and I want to celebrate it starting now! I decided to share my birthday excitement with you all! And so a contest is born! *and a lot less painful compared with other births*

Leave a comment on this post telling me about your favorite alcoholic drink *I'm always on the lookout for a new drink or wine to try :) * or your favorite project, favorite yarn, favorite pattern or favorite anything :). Then leave a post on your blog telling others about the contest and link back to this contest post asking people to say they found this contest off your blog :)

Saturday morning (about 1 PM EST) I will print all comments and cut them individually and put them in a hat. I will bring all comments with me when I meet with other knitters for Knit in Public Day and have one of the knitters pull out a winner (or winners depending on how many people enter!)

I know you are all wondering what the prize is! Well of course there will be yarn, *can you tell I'm looking to destash and hoping for good yarn carma :) * When you leave your comment please note if you prefer natural, synthetic, or happy for anything :)

There will also be a book from Maggie Sefton's Knitting Mystery Series!!

Good Luck!!


Kozy Kitty said...

Okay you weenie! I'll go first!
New drink that Ems introduced me to: a Cosmopolitan made with pear flavored vodka! There is no name for it--just a cosmopolitan with pear flavored vodka! It's good stuff!
Of course we have home brewed beer at our house though I cannot attest to its quality or flavor!

She sure is strange! said...

I love a buttery nipple drink now and then. 1 shot Buttershots, 1 shot Bailey's(or Carolanns) Irish Cream over ice in small glass with milk or cream to taste. I sometimes use soy milk in this and it is fine!


Pirate Alice said...

The Vulcan Mind Probe is always fun.

It's a shot of Rumpleminz and Kahlua

cecily said...

I LOVE chocolate raspberry martinis...especially with Chambord. Mmmmmm.

Crafty Momma said...

Yumm... Buttery Nipples are DELISIOUS! But my favorite drink as of right now, is Ammaretto Sour... Amaretto, Sour Mix, and a splash of 7Up or Sprite! some people put Maraschino cherries and a couple drops of the juice in them too! sooo good!

Rachel said...

Okay, I'll play too! I just signed up for The monthly dishcloth KAL group on yahoo, so that is why you don't know me :)

Although I don't drink anymore, Here's a really good shot, well, I thought it was good anyway. It takes like chocolate!

You take half a shot of vodka and half a shot of Frangelico and put it in a shot glass. You then get a slice of lemon and put sugar on both sides. You lick off the sugar take the shot and bite the lemon. Good stuff :)

Susan said...
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Susan said...

A "Strawberry Blonde". It's delicious. It is mostly strawberry infused vodka, a bit of chambord, and a splash of sprite. Dee-lish! For wine - I'm a fan of Crane Lake - Merlot or Cabernet Sauvignon. It's $2.99/bottle with the legs and taste of a $20/bottle.

I found this through Kozy Kitty btw.


charlotte narunsky said...
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Anonymous said...

I don't drink, so I'll just tell you my favorite yarns and projects. I love wool/wool blends, alpaca, and acrylic (strange, I know). I love to make shawls, afghans and purses/bags. I really like all kinds of yarn so anything would be welcome. Happy Birthday!

Anita O said...

A contest, yea!

Here's my favorite summer drink. It's called Sip N Go Naked.

1 can frozen lemonade (pink)

Put the lemonade in the blender, add vodka to taste, could be half the container, quarter,whatever. (You can put some more water in, too, if you don't use the whole container) Throw in some ice cubes, and blend!


Lisa said...

In the spirit of the upcoming Belmont here's one of my favs:

Belmont Breeze
New traditional drink of the Belmont Stakes
1 1/2 oz. Seagrams 7
3/4 oz. Harveys Bristol Cream Sherry
1/2 oz. Fresh Lemon Juice
1 oz. Simple Syrup
(you may substitute 1 oz. of Sweet & Sour mix for the lemon juice and simple syrup)
1 1/2 oz. Fresh Orange juice
1 1/2 oz. Cranberry juice
Shake all ingredients with ice and top with half 7up and half soda, approximately one ounce of each. Garnish with fresh strawberry and a mint sprig and a lemon wedge

charlotte narunsky said...

My favourite drink is a cold beer on a really hot day. Unfortunately, with the British weather that doesn't happen that often!

Have linked to you on my blog, charlotte-narunsky.blogspot.com

LittleCybil said...

My favorite drink is something we call Wampatui, it has lemon, lime, and orange juice, a little sugar, ice and more importantly, tequila (but if you can get moonshine or grain it's better). I also like a Rock Lobster shot, Amaretto, kaluha, vodka...tastes like a chocolate covered cherry!
Happy Birthday!

Mothergoose said...

Happy Birthday on Friday. If you try all these drinks, I don't think you will be able to do the happy dance!!! Anyway, my favorite summer time drink is a Green Monster. All it is is Lime Vodka, Lemonade and ice. Mmmmm. Can't wait for it to get warmer. I knit with natural fibers and like each and every one of them.

dameknitsalot said...

All best wishes for the happiest of birthdays and a fabulous year to come. My latest drink crave is a Hot & Dirty Martini. Pepper vodka, vermouth, olive juice & olives. Probably not the best for summer with all that salt! I linked to you from the SKC and will add you to my favorite list of blogs. I love to see what other knitters are doing!

gaysknits said...

i heard about this contest on kozy kitty's blog and had to let you know my favorites! first i love southwest trading's soy silk yarn phoenix love it! i love knitting with naturals and especially trying the new naturals bamboo soy corn milk...haven't tried any but soy and hemp yet! my favorite cocktail is by far the french martini made with chambord yum and made exactly the way they recommend! 1/2 oz chambord, 1 oz vodka, 2 oz pineapple juice to die for! my blog is at gaysknits.com.

Theresa said...

My favorite drink? No contest it is the mojito: rum, lime juice, tonic or soda water and lots of sugar and frest mint. Man, now I want one!

Briley said...

When I was a bartender I came up with this martini for one of my regulars, but never named it. It's tart and sweet and delicious!

2oz Stoli Raspberry
1/4oz triple sec
1/4oz peachtree schnapps
the juice of half a lime

shake with ice and strain into a chilled glass.
If you like a drink less tart add a bit of simple syrup.

Happy Birthday!!

Camille said...

Malibu and Sprite! So yummy.. Happy birthday!

Adjunct Slave said...

Kozy Kitty told me about this (I can't believe I'm still reading you after you tagged me, KK!)

Favorite drink... Just one? I'll give you two, one's in a tall glass, the other is a shot.

At my favorite bar in Anchorage, AK, they have a drink that's called Over the Rainbow, or End of the Rainbow... I can never remember after having one of them. It's layered. It has Midori, Pineapple Juice, Blue Curacao, Vodka, Orange Juice, and a splash of Grenadine. After two of them, I'm usually good for the night.

Favorite shot - duck fart. Again, from my favorite bar in Anchorage. Layered shot. Crown Royal on the bottom, followed by a layer of Kahlua, and topped with Bailey's as a float. One of those shots that makes me want to lick the glass.

Jess said...

anything from this website is amazing for mixed drinks
I also enjoy a Mike-a-Rita with fruit salad and lots of ice all mixed up. so SO cheap and good. mmmm. I want one now.
Did I mention that I mixed my martinis in my daughters sippy cups? Up until recently...when a beatiful soul gifted me with the real deal mixer.
Have an amazing birthday! I will have a drink for you!

Victoria said...

Hi...Happy Birthday...

My favorite drink is a martini...all kinds...all flavors as long as it is made with ice cold good quality vodka

Victoria said...

oh forgot to mention that i read about your contest on Knitter's Delight blog...

EP said...

favorite drink (for now): a modified vodka gimlet-half a jigger of rose's lime juice, half jigger of grey goose pear, jigger and a half of regular GOOD* vodka (grey goose, ketel one, etc). mix in shaker with lots of ice, pour into martini glass, go sit outside, enjoy.

i heard about you contest on gaysknits.

*since you are pretty much drinking the vodka straight in a gimlet, it better be good! saves you some hangover points too.

Nancy @ the Jersey Shore said...

Happy Birthday!
A favorite drink of my is Mango Rum, club soda, splash of lime juice and a wedge of lime. Nice and refreshing!

Valerie said...

My favorite drink, an upside down margarita! Fun, Intoxicating and Sexy! You pick a guy to take the bottle of margarita mix/alcohol, you stick a lemon in his zipper. Then you sit on a chair and lean your head all the way back. He pours the alcohol into your mouth until you can't drink anymore and you dig the lemon out of his zipper! -=giggle=-

I heard about this contest from
the Crazy Cat Lady's Musings

Pheelya said...

Valerie - I love it! I may have to have all the drinks listed before yours to have the cahones to do that! *LAUGH*

Anna said...

My favorite drink is a tootsie roll. 1 shot of creme de cocoa in a highball glass. Fill with orange juice and add ice. Yummy!!

Barbara C. said...

OK, I'm showing my age. My favorite drink is a Manhatten....been around for ages...some good bourbon whiskey, a bit less sweet vermouth and a shake of Angastura bitters...ice...shake...pour...yum.
No favorite yarn....very adaptable...I do drool over Lorna's Laces!
Barbara C.

Shelly said...

Best After Dinner Drink EVER--China White, which is a shot of white creme de cacao and a shot of Baileys, on ice. Incredible!

The other one, is called "East River"--a variation on a chocolate martini. Take a shot of your favorite vanilla vodka, and a shot of white creme de cacao, shake it over ice. When it is cold as you can stand it, take your martini glass and put a little chocolate syrup (Hersheys) on the sides in a lovely swirly pattern (or, just slosh it in there, who cars?). Pour your freezing booze in the glass, and as you drink it, the "waters" become a little more "polluted" with the chocolate. Plus, damn tasty! :-)

NuvoFelt said...

I must be really boring, because my favourite drink is stil a gin and tonic!

Lots of ice, two or more slices of lemon (or lime, twice as much tonic as gin. A sip or two to get the full flavour, then top it up with more tonic and enjoy!

Cass said...

YAY for contests! :)
My favorite drink is boring- vodka, diet coke and lime. But you can't beat it. My favorite coffee is Fair Trade, Mind Body & Soul. My favorite tea is Chai. My favorite food is bananas. My favorite sex position shall not be told.
Happy Birthday Pheelya! xoxoox

Rebecca said...

Happy Birthday! My favorite yarn to work with is Morehouse Farm Merino. I love the textures, the idea that they raise the sheep themselves, and the coziness of their shop, Sheep's Clothing. It's also located in my favorite spot in the world, the Hudson River Valley.

Aunt Kathy said...

Well I am always in for more yarn... I can't imagaine wanting to de-stash I just want more more more, LOL.

I am no longer a drinker but I used to like Alabama Slammers back in the day

1/2 oz amaretto almond liqueur
1/2 oz Southern Comfort® peach liqueur
1/2 oz sloe gin
1 splash orange juice
1 splash sweet and sour mix
Pour above ingredients into a stainless steel shaker over ice and shake until completely cold. Strain into an old-fashioned glass and serve.

As for yarn... Well I dream about one day being able to knit at least once with every type of yarn out there. Right now my favorite projects are dishcloths, and learning to create my own patterns.

I love all yarn, no preference here.

Happy Birthday

Oh and I read about your contest from your post on the Monthly Dishcloth KAL group.

Josee said...

My favorite drink is Morgan's spiced rum and pepsi. I'm a simple chick :) Yarn don't have any as I only use the cheap stuff LOL again...simple chick. Favorite projects are dishcloths, shawls, bookmarks, scarves.

baronreads said...

I absolutely LOVE Margaritas, but I can't wait to try a Mojito! Have you tried the new Mojito gum?? YUMMY!

JoAnn N. said...

Hi! Happy Birthday!
Here are two drinks I created. lol.
This is my fall drink: apple cider with Amaretto. Yum!
This is my anytime drink: Kahlua with diet Pepsi. Yum, too!

iabrownie said...

For the past few summers I have had the goal to never have our freezer empty of my favorite frozen margaritas. A worthy goal according to my husband and friends who enjoy these all summer long.

1 can lemonade concentrate
1 can limeade concentrate
1 can tequila
1/3 can triple sec
Mix these together in a large measuring cup. Fill blender with crushed ice and add 1/4 to 1/3 of the liquid. Blend until smooth. Pour into a freezer container and repeat process until liquid all gone. Easy and tasty.

Lolly said...

I am a plain ol' girl that really likes a nice glass of wine - preferably a strong full-bodied red like Cabernet. Mmmmm :)

I may be able to make it to the knitting group on Saturday... is this the red gazebo near the waterfall?

knitten kitten said...

It must be the kitten in me, but one of my favorite drinks is milk punch. It's slightly sweetened milk, rum, and a sprinkle of nutmeg. Got Milk?

Anonymous said...

One of my favorite drinks is Malibu Rum mixed with Pinapple juice. So yummy!
From one Gemini to anothe HAPPY BIRTHDAY!

Janelle said...

Delurking to enter the contest...my favorite drink wavers between a cosmopolitan (more cranberry than vodka) and a lemon drop (sour, please!).

itgirl said...

I sure like me a Dark n Stormy.

Diane Evans said...

Happy Birthday, hope you can spend it knitting.

My favorite drink in the summer is equal amounts of lemonade and white wine. Very refreshing when it is warm outside.

If I win, any yarn will be welcome, I will give it a good home.


Anonymous said...

Boring but... I like the drink that is half lemonade and half ice tea. No alcohol. When I do drink a little, it is just a half glass of white wine or maybe a bit of Sangria. My favorite yarn is Rowan Cotton or Wool Cotton and Debbie Bliss Cashmerino. Also most of what Knitpicks puts out is good. Happy Birthday!!! Mine is on the horizon!

sharon said...

My favourtie birthday drink is a Singapore Sling - it has greandine and OJ and some other stuff in it.
For a quick fix though - the Bacardi Rum Coolers, specially their iced tea one are great.
Heard about the contest from This Kitten Knits.
Have an awesome birthday.
I need to have me some of these drinks!!!

Ang W. said...

While not a drinker, never was, so hesitant to link to this. I'll play. Happy Birthday by the way!!!!

Favorite project currently that would be painted gloves KAL
I like a challenge.

Favorite yarn- felting would be Patton's classic wool. Socks- many! I have met some nice acrylics, too.

I love blue and purple. Ham, Beef, pancakes, vegetables. Flowers of all kinds, music- Southern gospel. Arabian Horses. you did say favorite anything. ;-)
I read about this on Month dish cloth when you posted. I love yarn from threads to super bulky all inbetween, and all yarns natural to synthetic, Not rough ones though.

Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday! This is a great idea- I have 2 favorites which I am known for. I am taking too much of your comment area to give you my favorite project. Cheers! -Gina L.

Lemon Drops

• Ice cubes
• 1 part mandarin absolute vodka
• 1 part ounce Lemoncello
• 3 parts lemonade
• 1 part freshly squeezed lemon juice
• 1 part limonada Pellegrino - adjust strength of drink by adding more or less of this.
(Trader Joes or Bristol Farms Pellegrino water - lemon flavored drink– it comes in green cans)

• Super fine sugar or special lemon drop candies crushed in food processor in until it resembles coarse sugar. (You can buy specialty lemon drop sugar at Bristol Farms.)
• Long thin pieces lemon zest

• 10 Minutes ahead –
Dip rims of glasses into a saucer of fresh lemon juice in then into another saucer of sugar or crushed lemon drops.

Note: The drink can also be stirred in a pitcher if you are making more than your shaker can handle. I like having the mixture pre-done in a pitcher and then …….

Fill a cocktail shaker with ice add the mix, cover and shake vigorously to combine and chill. Strain the mixture into a chilled martini glass. Twist the lemon zest over the drink and serve.

Pimms Cup

1 to 2 parts Pimms’s Cup
Whole fresh strawberries, raspberries, cherries, sliced oranges, sliced peaches or apples
2 to 3 parts ginger ale & club soda mixed
1/4 cup grande marnier
1/4 cup of orange juice concentrate

Mix the Pimms Cup, grande marnier, OJ, and fruit in a punch bowl (or for smaller quantities in a pitcher) and let stand 30 minutes to an hour to allow the flavors to develop. Add the ginger ale, soda, lots of ice.
Garnish with mint on top.

Anonymous said...

Sorry - I forgot to include that
refered me to your contest and blog. I love natural fibers! -Gina L.

KnittyGirl said...

I LOVE pink panty pull downs!!!! Take a can of frozen pink lemonaide add to blender. Add 2 cans of your favorite lemon-lime soda. Add vodka and ice and blend!!! You don't taste the vodka so it kinda sneaks up on ya!!! LOL. Enjoy one for your birthday!!!

Mira said...

I don't drink so I'll tell you my favourite yarn so far. The softest yarn I've knitted with so far is Misti Alpaca lace weight yarn.

Have a great birthday!

R a i n said...

I do not drink either so I'll just tell you my fave project, I love knitting shawls, I'm a slow knitter but the finished product is simply gorgeous!!

I love knitting with mercerized cotton due to the weather where I live. Baby alpaca and merino wool come next.

I found this contest through Kozy Kitty's blog:


Silver said...

Coming over by way of Kozy Kitty's tip-off ... ;)

One of my favorite drinks Of Olde was the Sexual Alligator -- Midori, raspberry liqueur, Jagermeister, and pineapple juice. Some people use sweet and sour mix instead of pineapple juice, it seems. Anyway, it's a giant shot in a martini glass and it's yummy. ;D Mead is one of my other favorite drinks, and I looove Hot Sun from the Florida Orange Groves and Winery. It's a spicy tomato wine. Tastes spicier at room temperature. ;D

Oh, and for reference, I like natural yarn ... not that I'm going to win, anyway, but hey, it's in the rules. ;D

vegasangelbrat said...

Just stopping in to say Happy Birthday!!!! Mine is tomorrow the 9th and the big 50 lol might find me sitting aorund drinking my PinaColada's..lol Hoep your Birthday day is going well!!

Michelle said...

Oh by far it's bailey's on the rocks... helps me relax is smooth and creamy going down... and it's perfect in the big cushy chair with my knitting in my lap!

Michelle said...

Bummer, forgot to mention, I got hear from Aunt Kathy's blog (http://gimpykatk.blogspot.com/)... and I'm not picky about free yarn! :-)

Leigh said...

Malibu bay breaze
cranberry juice, pineapple juice and mailbu rum oh so yummy and very fun

Lynn said...

Happy Birthday!!!! I would love to share my favorite drink with you, but I don't drink! However, can I share my favorite knitting book with you? I love the Mason Dixon book. It has wonderful patterns and is fun to read. Then, of course, supplement the book with the Mason Dixon web site and it's a perfect knitting experience.

By the way, I got here from Kelly's Yarns blog.