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Sunday, June 3, 2007

Rainy Sunday Morning

Here's to a lazy Sunday morning. *holds up her latte in a morning toast* I'm sitting out on my covered front porch just listening to rain pitter-patter down, drinking my latte, watching cars drive by, chit-chatting with friends online and bloggin'. I love to sit out here and listen to the rain (when it's fairly warm out, that is).

I'm happy to say I got most of what I planned to do yesterday done! I called my gf KozyKitty to see if she wanted to come with my to the LYS, and I ended up meeting her at Lowes and going plant shopping at Behnke's *laugh* I bought 4 nice size Fuchsia hanging plants for my front porch. I get very little direct sun around my house because of so many trees, so Fuchsia plants are perfect. Now I just need to remember to water them daily or the heat of summer will kill them anyway *write a big note and hanging it on her coffee machine - since I use it every morning - WATER FLOWERS OUTSIDE!!* I also need to figure out what I am going to plant in the little flower bed that is in front of my porch - again minimal direct sun.

After getting back from Behnke's, I dropped off my hanging baskets and headed out to my LYS to purchase some yarn for that ITE bag I need to make. I'll have to post pics later as I don't have them on my laptop. I got out of there with minimal damage to my wallet *laugh* which is good.

I did manage to gather up all my UFOs around the house *faints* more than I remember starting! So here's my list:

1. Lapghan - Crochet - 50%
2. Arm Cozies - Knit - 50%
3. Scarf for sister - knit - 35%
4. Mimosa Blossom Afghan for parents - crochet - 1 pattern repeat
5. My So Called Scarf - knit - 50%
6. Braided Cable Scarf - knit - 2%
7. Baby blanket - Tunisian crochet - 75%
8. Larger Than Life bag - crochet - 75%
9. Stained Glass Afghan - crochet - 7 squares completed, 350 more to go!
10. Monica tank (2nd one) for other niece - knit - cast on
11. Simple Socks (1st attempt) - knit - heel flap completed on 1st one FROGGED

I think that covered everything. The lapghan is in colors that no longer match the decor of my house. I'm thinking of two option here a. bind off and donate to an animal shelter b. finish and give away as a gift. The arm cozies I knit both at once on a pair of circulars, so those are almost both done! Now if I can just learn to knit a pair of socks at once *I should probably finish my first sock before becoming so ambitious*laugh* I think I need to threat some waste yarn through the loops of my sock and try it on! I keep stretching it and wondering if it will even fit my foot as is! *runs off to do just that*
hmmm.... not sure. I can get it on, but it's snug. I wonder if I should frog it and maybe and a few more to the cast on. Then won't I have to re figure the stitches for the heel flap?? ACK! Help! I don't know what to do. Most patterns are not written for shovel feet like mine! (size 10). I don't know why socks intimidate me so much! Well, before I do any froggin' I think I will take my lowly sock with me to the S'nB session on Monday and ask one of those crazy gals for help. I think there are more sock knitters in that group then the group I meet with on Wednesday nights. If one of you Monday night gal is reading this, can you help me with my socks!! *begs and pleads*

Went to JoAnn's yesterday to take a look at their purse handles. Nothing really grabbed me, so I grabbed another row counter and headed home to hang my flower baskets.

Didn't go to Don Pablo's last night, but my neighbor grilled out and made a plate for me. I have such great neighbors! A grilled hot dog, baked beans *yummy*, a fresh turkey burger that was full of flavor *need to find out what she put in it so that I can make them for my next cookout* and a great macaroni salad that had tuna fish and shrimp.

I never did get around to going through my stash. I will have to get to that today. Right now, my latte is done and it's time for a shower and then stash diving *laugh* Hopefully I will post an update later tonight.


Bri said...

I just read your comment you left on my page...and I'm so happy to know that there are others out there who have my obsession with Prof. Snape. My BFF and I used to have a pic of him on our fridge...Sheriff of Nottingham character!!!

two sticks and yarn said...

Hey there!
I was "tagged" for the "7 Things" and have to tag 7 people so I am randomly choosing from International Tote Exchange IV blog roll. Good luck!
Details on my blog. :D