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Sunday, June 17, 2007

Summer Reading Challenge

I decided to participate in the Summer Reading Challenge. It officially started June 1st and goes through August 1st. This soooooo reminds me of my childhood days of the Summer Reading programs at the public library. Of course back then it was all about reading as many books as you could over the summer. The summer reading program that my state currently does is so different.

Anyhoo, during the school year I am mostly reading children's book or Young Adult Literature, so over the summer is when I try to catch up on all the great adult literature that I have purchased during the year, but never found time to read.

Since I have a slew of books in my personal library *three and a half bookcases filled that is* I perused my shelves this morning and grabbed books that I have been dying to read and ones that caught my eye. Since I am a librarian, I attend several conferences a year and at these conferences are book vendors that freely give out uncorrected proofs of new books as well and fully published books. It really is in their best interest to do this. I mean think about it, a confernece full of librarians (public, private, college and education) are the main audience at these conference. The annual conference for the American Library Association alone had over 26,000 attendies. This group is probably publishers biggest purchasers.

Here is the list I have composed for myself.

The Poe Shadow - Matthew Pearl **
Danse Macabre - Laurell K. Hamilton
The Double Bind - Chris Bohjalian
Twilight - Stephanie Meyer
A Killer Stitch - Maggie Sefton
Mistreal's Kiss - Laurell K. Hamilton
Rain Villiage - Carolyon Turgeon **
Black Moon Rising - Damien Ashton **
The Demon Awakes - R.A. Salvatore
Disobedience - Naomi Alderman
Ophelia - Lisa Klein
Voodoo Season - Jewell Parker Rhodes
Wild Women's Weekend - Lynne Kaufman

** denotes currently reading

Turns out the folks didn't come in yesterday either. Apparently my father got sick! He had 102 fever with the flu. My sister and I teased him that maybe retirement doesn't agree with him. He should go back to work so that the germs know they can't infest him *laugh* He didn't agree with out line of thinking... go figure! Happy Father's Day Dad! *not like he'll be reading this or anthing* So now they weill be driving down tomorrow to make it in time for my niece's graduation from elementary school. My sister told me last night that she (my niece) wants to go to The Melting Pot for her dinner celebration. YUMMY!


Valerie said...

I am involved in the Summer Reading Challenge too! I am currently trying to get passed Chapter 1 of 1984. I have heard if you force yourself into it gets good. I am struggling though. -=giggle=- Danse Macabre was Interesting. Tell me what you thought of it after you read it!

Valerie said...

No I haven't read the Gentry collection yet. Is it good ?

Valerie said...

Alright, I am crossing off a couple on my book list and adding some others. I am having such a hard time getting through my reading list.

Kim said...

Nice summer reading list!

Thanks for stopping by my blog.

Woollythoughts booklets do have a pattern to follow(at least the two I bought did--Double Vision and The Woolsack)and they also spend some time talking about the mathematical process involved in creating the pattern.

Enjoy your summer reading and knitting :)