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Thursday, June 28, 2007

Listen to the squirrel

I don't know how many of you know of iLL Will PreSS, but they put out some of the funniest cartoon videos. Warning: Explicit Language is used!

Anyhoo, the cartoons are really random in topic, but they usually are created to make fun *or maybe open up people the real reality* of occurance or events of today. The newest one happens to be about television.

You can see it here.

Can you do as the squirrel suggests and turn off your TV for a month??


Valerie said...

"You Need Drugs!" -=giggle=- I love that Squirrel . He's so angry. Actually it's funny, her reminds me of my boyfriend Grim when he starts ranting. =P

ms. pixie riot said...

i fricking LOVE foamy the squirrel. he makes me happy. i walk around singing 'i'm your lord and master' from the 'squirrel songs' episode all the time.. but the best is the amityville toaster ep.

'spooky making breakfast, yum yum, human hand!'